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Depuytren Miami

If you are thinking of having a Dupuytren surgery in Miami, you are in the right place. At Plastic Surgery Boutique we offer specialized professionals, close attention and the greatest technological innovation in cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Anne Sophie Lessard will be able to know her case and make a plan adjusted to her needs and wishes. Her years of experience and her passion make her the number one plastic surgeon in Miami.


What is a Dupuytren surgery in Miami?

Dupuytren’s disease affects the tissue under the palm of the hand. It is painful, uncomfortable and not aesthetic. Therefore, the best solution is to go to a Dupuytren surgery in Miami.

In it, some skin tissues are usually removed and others are included that will carry out their task in a more efficient way.


Reasons to do a Dupuytren surgery in Miami

When Dupuytren’s disease becomes chronic it creates a large contracture or thickening of the tissues under the palm of the hand. And in many cases, also of the fingers.

This prevents the correct flexion of the fingers and the palm, which is why some daily activities: writing, typing, washing the dishes, carrying shopping bags, driving… can be very painful.

If the reason is discomfort, you should go to a Dupuytren surgery and if the cause is only cosmetic, then we will be able to reverse it before the pain begins.


Preparation for Dupuytren surgery in Miami

You do not need any preparation for Dupuytren’s surgery, you just need to follow our surgeon’s instructions. Attend the appointment calm, confident and in a few minutes it will be over.


What is Dupuytren’s surgery like?

Dupuytren’s surgery in Miami is simple, one way to do it is the selective palmar fasciectomy or open surgery technique, which consists of making a transverse incision in the palm of the hand and pointing towards the area of ​​the fingers. It is sometimes done in a zig zag pattern, then some fabrics are removed, new ones are included and sewn.


What to Expect During Dupuytren’s Recovery

Dupuytren’s recovery is simple and causes little discomfort. You just won’t have to move or use your hand in the days that follow. Recovery is very progressive and you will stop noticing severe discomfort after 72 hours.


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Am I a good candidate for Dupuytren’s surgery in Miami?

If you have chronic Dupuytren’s disease, you are a good candidate for surgery. However, if you are an elderly person, the specialist will evaluate your case.


Who should avoid Dupuytren surgery?

Unless specifically recommended by the specialist, no person should avoid this surgery if they have Dupuytren’s disease and this affects aesthetics, mobility and quality of life.


What is the price of a Dupuytren surgery in Miami?

The price of a Dupuytren surgery in Miami varies from one clinic to another, but not so much from one patient to another. To know our rates, we invite you to contact us and we will offer you a detailed budget for your case.


How long does a Dupuytren surgery take?

Dupuytren surgery in Miami is very fast. Barring complications, it will last approximately one hour. Rare is the case that it is delayed up to an hour and a half.


Dupuytren: risks and precautions

Dupuytren surgery in Miami has no risk. It is an intervention that is performed with local or regional anesthesia and the patient is perfectly aware of the process. Skin removal is simple and does not take long.


Dupuytren: techniques

The most common technique used to remedy Dupuytren’s disease in just one hour is selective palmar fasciectomy, which is a quick and effective open surgery. The cut is made along the palm of the hand, passing through the affected area and reaching the fingers. It is then opened and the skin is carefully removed, which is then replaced. It is important to close the opening again effectively and the postoperative period will be easy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dupuytren in Miami

Some frequently asked questions about Dupuytren surgery in Miami:

Although you will be able to make some movements after 72 hours, it is not recommended to return to work until after two weeks, and even a month if your work requires using your hands and applying pressure or force.

Local or regional anesthesia and with an anesthetic brachial plexus block.

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