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Breast Explant

Breast explant and lift! Find your perky natural breast again‼️Patient had a double bubble deformity where the breast sags over the implant over years. Patient is so happy already! She can see her toes and she reports feeling way more comfortable with clothing‼️

The picture in surgery is how her breast would have looked after removing her textured 260cc euro silicone implants ☺️

Breast Explant

I truly adore undertaking explant cases 💞Their often complex nature calls for my creativity as I reshape the breasts. You won’t believe how hollow her breasts appeared after removing her sizable 425cc implants! I had the task of restructuring her breasts to a smaller size, while also applying fat grafting to the upper and middle sections. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Breast Explant

Sometimes, you just don’t feel like having breast implants inside you. As a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, I always tell my patients that I respect their choice and that the most important is that they feel good in their body. When you know, you know 🙂

Breast Explant

Before and after breast explant in clinic under local anesthesia. Breast implants are not made for everybody. My beautiful and sweet patient had a breast augmentation somewhere else and she didn’t feel good in her body. I was able to remove them in clinic under local anesthesia. A quick procedure for her to feel better 😊 and she looks fabulous!

Breast Explant and Lift

1 week post implant explant and anchor shaped breast lift for severe breast capsular contracture for a patient that had had a cosmetic breast augmentation 15 years ago.

after explantation and removal of the a capsule, a drain is often necessary to avoid any seroma or hematoma in the cavity.

Patient will feel less tightness in her breast and it will also be easier for clothes fitting‼️

Breast Explant, Lift and Areola Reduction

Happy Saturday, today I want to show this patient that came to me because she was unhappy with the oversized breast implants that were chosen by her previous surgeon just before her surgery that ended up stretching her areolas over time.

We performed:

  • Breast explant
  • Breast lift
  • Areola reduction

Please appreciate her beautiful natural result without any breast implants postop.

Implant removal, Breast lift and Abdominal liposuction

Patient underwent Implant removal, Breast lift and Abdominal lipo 7 months ago! For her abdomen, we discussed a 2 steps approach: 1- abdominal liposuction followed by 2- tummy tuck. However her skin retracted so well that she doesn’t even want the tummy tuck anymore.

Looking gorgeous!

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