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Are you interested in accessing an otoplasty in Miami? This surgery is very common in children and adolescents, so if you are thinking of going to Plastic Surgery Boutique with your child, you should know that we will show you a close and professional treatment and that we will be available to listen to all your needs and requests.

What is an otoplasty in Miami?

Otoplasty in Miami is the surgery that is responsible for changing the position of prominent ears. Also, sometimes instead of changing their position, it reduces their size in some areas. The most common is to perform otoplasty surgery in children because at these ages it is even more pronounced. In addition, the child is spared the aesthetic discomfort that he will suffer in the following years. Therefore, many parents come to our center so that we can perform the surgery quickly and easily without the child experiencing discomfort.

Reasons to do an otoplasty in Miami

There are many reasons to do an otoplasty in Miami, any of them are enough to go to the intervention, since it is an extremely simple, brief and not painful operation. In addition, the postoperative period does not involve major complications.

These are the most common reasons why our patients request an otoplasty for themselves or their children:

  • They have different ears from each other.
  • For example, one is smaller than the other.
  • It has very large ears compared to the size of its head.
  • His ears stick out more than usual.
  • Others.

Preparation for an Otoplasty Miami

You do not need any special surgery for otoplasty. Simply, as it is an intervention, it will require local anesthesia, so you should not eat or drink anything the hours before.

In the case of children or “uncooperative” patients, general anesthesia can be performed in order to make the process easier, or also so that the children are less frightened.

What is otoplasty surgery like?

The most common thing in an otoplasty in Miami is that the objective is to place the ear in a more favorable position and to do so, the aim is to reduce the cartilage. And how is it done? easy. The specialist makes an incision in the back of the ear in order to change the position. If this is not enough because the ears are very flapping, then some of the cartilage in the back of the ear will be cut and removed.

What to Expect During Otoplasty Recovery

Recovery or postoperative otoplasty is very simple. The bandage is removed from the patient’s ears approximately 24 or 48 hours later, depending on how the operation went and the particularities of the patient. After this time it is already possible to see the new position of the ears. However, they will still remain somewhat swollen.

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Am I a good candidate for Miami Otoplasty?

If you have so-called puff ears or unbalanced ears compared to the size of your head, you are a good candidate for otoplasty in Miami.

Who should avoid an otoplasty?

All candidates are good except for children under 4 years of age, as their ears could still undergo changes at that age.

What is the price of otoplasty in Miami?

The cost of an otoplasty in Miami is not high because it is not a complex intervention. The prices are affordable for all pockets and some centers allow you to pay in installments.

How long does an otoplasty last?

An otoplasty in Miami rarely lasts more than three hours. The most common is that in two hours the intervention is over.

Otoplasty: risks and precautions

Otoplasty does not carry any risk and the patient should not take special precautions beyond not consuming anything before the operation.

Otoplasty: techniques

Otoplasty does not have different techniques, since they usually all have the same objective: reduce the size of the rear cartilage and also reposition the ear. All you need is anesthesia, a cut, and a few stitches that will soon heal.

Frequently Asked Questions About Otoplasty in Miami

If you are about to undergo otoplasty surgery in Miami, you will surely be interested in knowing some answers to the most common questions from patients:

After otoplasty, a small scar remains on the back of the ear. However, it will be totally unnoticeable. In addition, over the years, the scar will gradually disappear.

There is no minimum age, although it must be taken into account that in the first two years, the body undergoes many changes. The intervention is often carried out on boys and girls between 4 and 6 years old, since if it were allowed to pass more time it could affect self-esteem.

The results of this operation can be regulated according to the patient’s wishes and the possibilities indicated by the surgeon. By having realistic expectations, it is possible to achieve the desired shape, position and size, according to the patient’s anatomy.

Yes, it is possible to perform the operation on only one ear, if that is the patient’s wish. In many cases, the deformation is found only on the side of the face. However, surgeons often prefer to perform the procedure on both sides to ensure a symmetrical result on the face.

Lobe surgery focuses specifically on that part of the ear, when it is stretched, damaged or larger than desired. Instead, otoplasty in Miami is a procedure intended to alter the general shape and position of the ears.

In general, it is not a risky operation that requires greater precautions than any surgery. In some cases, healing can alter the shape or position of the ears and may require further surgery to correct it.

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