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What is a fat transfer in Miami?

In modern medicine, the Miami fat transfer technique is among the most revolutionary in the industry. The procedure consists of the extraction of fat cells from different parts of the body (generally the abdomen, back or thighs) by means of liposuction. Once this is done, the fat is injected into the tissue where the increase in volume is desired.

In this way, it is possible to replace, for example, an artificial breast implant with this substance extracted from the patient. Likewise, fat transfer in Miami is also used to fill in wrinkles on the face, hands or any other part of the body.

Reasons to do a fat transfer in Miami

A surgery of this type significantly reduces the folds and wrinkles generated by various causes, such as injuries or aging. It is also common for these to be generated from other surgeries. A Miami facial fat transfer, for example, can be the solution for facial wrinkles. Simultaneously, fat is removed from those parts of the body where it is most convenient for aesthetic purposes.

Preparation for fat transfer Miami

Our team of professionals will explain in detail the steps to follow to carry out the operation. First, a review of your medical history and a physical exam are required to determine if you are a suitable patient for Miami fat transfer surgery.

In the weeks leading up to the procedure, you will need to stop smoking to optimize wound healing. Similarly, it is important not to consume some medications or foods that can increase bleeding. Among them, we can mention avocado, broccoli, almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts, sunflower seeds. Some condiments such as paprika and soybean oil are also harmful.

On the other hand, it is advisable to maintain good hydration both before and after the operation. It is also important to have the necessary company in advance, to accompany you home after the fat transfer in Miami. In case the procedure does not require hospitalization, to accompany you during the first night.

What is fat transfer surgery like?

Mainly, the fat is extracted from an area of ​​the body where it is in excess, even if it is not too much. The material then goes through a filtering and cleaning process, before being injected back into the body. For example, with a Miami breast fat transfer, fat is injected into the chest to increase the size of the bust. In some cases, it is necessary to repeat the procedure to achieve the desired result.

To obtain the fat, the selected area is anesthetized and a small incision is made. Through the use of syringes or liposuction devices, the necessary material is extracted with due care so as not to break the fat cells. With different filtering, decantation and centrifugation techniques, the fat acquires the necessary purity to be reinserted into the body. The Miami fat transfer is completed with a special cannula or small needles. Thus, the desired correction is achieved by depositing the fat cells in the receiving area.

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What to Expect During Fat Transfer Recovery

The team of professionals at our clinic will inform you exactly about postoperative care. You should take reasonable time before resuming physical activities and work normally. Following the best security measures available, you will be informed of the necessary care and measures after a Miami fat transfer.

In general, it is advisable to walk a few minutes a day to avoid circulatory problems. With the detailed instructions of our professionals, you will be able to know the normal symptoms that you may experience, and be alert to possible complications.

Am I a good candidate for fat transfer Miami?

This procedure is recommended for patients who wish to correct some signs of aging, such as wrinkles or lifeless skin. Also, Miami fat transfer is a solution for volume increases in certain areas, such as breast or buttock augmentations. Likewise, the reconstruction product of some previous surgeries can also be achieved satisfactorily.

What is the price of fat transfer in Miami?

This surgery offers a wide range of possibilities. It can be done in various parts of the body, for different purposes. Some of these procedures may require multiple sessions to achieve optimal results. For this reason, the cost of Miami fat transfer is very variable. Do not hesitate to make an appointment, so that our professionals can evaluate your case and offer treatment according to your needs.

How long does a fat transfer take?

The duration of the effects of these procedures depend on factors such as the technique of obtaining and the purification process. Our professionals carry out the procedures with the utmost seriousness and professionalism, so the result will be of the highest quality. In this way, the Miami fat transfer correction has results that are long lasting.

Fat transfer: risks and precautions

It is rare for a Miami fat transfer to have complications. Among the normal risks of any operation can be mentioned: allergic reactions, bruising, bleeding, infection or unsatisfactory results that may require a new intervention.

Fat transfer: techniques

Within the possibilities offered by this technique, it is possible to perform different procedures. Miami hip fat transfer, for example, allows you to increase the hips by removing fat from other areas, such as the abdomen. It is also possible to make transfers to the breasts, to increase their size, or to the face and hands to correct wrinkles or scars. In short, practically any part of the body can be a recipient of this type of process. Our professionals can advise you to determine the best techniques for your particular case.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fat Transfer Miami

Studies show that Miami fat transfer is a safe procedure. It is an innovative technique, with great growth in recent years. Our clinic adopts the best security measures to minimize risks.

Usually, the scars from a Miami fat transfer are extremely small. The size sufficient to insert the cannula is what will result in the scar. Of course, larger transfers require larger cannulae.

By medical recommendation, it is convenient to obtain the fat from an area that does not require the rotation of the body, to minimize the time and risk of the operation.

During the first week, you will likely experience swelling of the affected area. After that time, it will gradually recover. In general, after 7 days the patient can return to their usual activities. However, the final results may take up to 2 months to be fully appreciated.

The main difference between fat transfer and other fillers is that the patient’s own fat is used to add volume to the desired area. This allows a more natural treatment, with great acceptance by the body since they are materials that it produced itself.

Depending on the area to be filled, the amount of fat required may be greater or less. Either way, it is estimated that approximately 50% of transferred fat survives over time.

Fat transfer in Miami is a procedure that is not too invasive. Therefore, the most normal thing is that it is performed using local anesthesia in the affected areas. Either way, this decision is always in the hands of professional surgeons.

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