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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Miami

If you want to treat carpal tunnel syndrome in Miami, do not hesitate to do it with us. We will serve you with trust and closeness and we will put at your disposal the best professionals and the most innovative techniques, so that your wrist regains the strength and flexibility of a few years ago. You just have to contact us through a call or in our own office and at Plastic Surgery Boutique we will be delighted to assist you. We look forward to helping you so that the mobility of your hand stops harming your quality of life.

What is carpal tunnel syndrome in Miami?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a very common condition. It occurs when there is excessive pressure on the median nerve, which then runs through the hand. Therefore, sensitivity and movement are lost in different parts of the hand such as the palm or fingers. This syndrome prevents a normal life and makes many tasks painful, such as cooking, driving, writing, shaking hands…

Reasons to Do Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Surgery in Miami

The main reason to go for carpal tunnel syndrome surgery in Miami is that it is a very painful hand condition. So much so, that it prevents most patients from leading a normal life. Therefore, the cause is pain and loss of quality of life, as well as loss of movement or sensation in the hand.

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Preparing for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Surgery Miami

You do not have to prepare for carpal tunnel surgery in Miami, as it is a simple operation that will require nothing more than local or regional anesthesia in the most extreme case.

What is carpal tunnel syndrome surgery like?

The intervention is simple. First, a cut is made in the palm of the hand, near the wrist. Subsequently, the ligament that covers the carpal tunnel is cut, which relieves the pressure of the median nerve, which was the objective. Finally, the tissue around the nerve is usually removed.

What to Expect During Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Recovery

The postoperative period of carpal tunnel syndrome surgery in Miami is very simple. In a few days you will stop noticing minor discomfort or pain and in approximately two or three weeks you will have recovered a good part of your mobility. Before a month has passed your wrist will be 100% recovered.

Am I a good candidate for Miami carpal tunnel syndrome surgery?

Of course, anyone experiencing the discomfort of carpal tunnel syndrome in Miami should come to our center for advice and surgery scheduling.

Who should avoid carpal tunnel syndrome surgery?

All those who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome should undergo simple surgery to improve their mobility and sensations.

What is the price of carpal tunnel syndrome surgery in Miami?

There is no set price for carpal tunnel syndrome in Miami. It varies a lot from one clinic to another and also according to the particularities of the patient. The best thing is to get informed with us to know our rates.

How long does carpal tunnel syndrome surgery take?

A carpal tunnel syndrome surgery lasts less than one would expect, in particular it rarely lasts an hour and sometimes half an hour is enough.

Carpal tunnel syndrome: risks and precautions

The carpal tunnel syndrome operation does not have any risk. In addition, the patient should not take precautions, as it is very simple and fast.

Carpal tunnel syndrome: techniques

There are no different techniques in carpal tunnel surgery. There is only one and it is very effective, so it is the one used in all cases.

Frequently Asked Questions About Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Miami

These are some of the most frequently asked questions from our patients about carpal tunnel:

The symptoms are very clear: tingling in the thumb, it is difficult to hold objects in the hand, pain that reaches the elbow…

After the first symptoms you should go to a specialist to assess your case and make the pertinent recommendations that probably lead to surgery.

This condition consists of excessive pressure on the median nerve of the wrist. This nerve, which gives sensation to areas of the hand, passes through a narrow tunnel-like space in the wrist. When repetitive movements are made, or with weight gain or pregnancy, the pressure can increase and the condition can occur.

The best way to prevent this problem is to decrease repetitive hand movements, improve posture and take frequent breaks when performing manual tasks. It is also important to control certain diseases such as diabetes, hypothyroidism or arthritis, which are aggravating.

In mild cases, non-surgical treatment is possible. This usually includes cortisone injections to reduce swelling, or night splinting to maintain a stable position. These treatments can be somewhat uncomfortable and don’t always work, so your doctor may recommend surgery.

Yes, carpal tunnel syndrome surgery in Miami is extremely safe and carries no significant risks. It is usually quick and effective in most cases, and does not require specific preparation.

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