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Lipoma removal in Miami is a quick, easy and necessary intervention. Lipomas can be found in any area of ​​the body, although some parts are more common, for example in the neck, back, abdomen, arms and thighs. They frequently occur in adults who have passed 35 or 40 years of age and their removal is simple. If this is your case, you just have to call us and at Plastic Surgery Boutique we will assist you immediately to offer you an appropriate intervention. We have the best professionals and the most advanced techniques.

What is lipoma removal in Miami?

The elimination of lipomas is a very simple intervention that consists of extracting a lump of fat from the subdermis. This is considered a benign tumor, but nevertheless, it is always advisable to send the lump to the laboratory for investigation. Removal is easy, taking less than an hour in all cases. Local anesthesia is usually used, although for specific cases, regional or general anesthesia is also suitable.

Reasons to do a lipoma removal in Miami

There are many reasons for the removal of a lipoma in Miami, this is because its removal is fast and does not cause inconvenience. So… a simple aesthetic inconvenience could be reason enough. Likewise, if the lump is annoying or painful, it should be removed as soon as possible.

Miami Lipoma Extraction Preparation

Lipoma removal in Miami does not require any preparation. You should only not eat or drink the hours before the intervention, whether general or local anesthesia is performed. Other than that you don’t need any further preparation.

What is lipoma removal surgery like?

Lipoma removal surgery always follows the same technique. First, a small incision must be made in the skin. Subsequently, the lipoma is removed and sent to the laboratory. The wound is stitched up and the operation is finished.

What to Expect During Lipoma Removal Recovery

The postoperative period is fast. You will only have to take some pain relievers and you will hardly notice any discomfort. You will then need to come in for an appointment to have the stitches removed.

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Am I a good candidate for Miami lipoma removal?

If you have a lipoma in any part of your body, it is more than recommended that you go to our center for its removal. In this way, we will not only eliminate a discomfort and unsightly lump, we will also be able to analyze the fat and confirm that it is a benign tumor.

Who Should Avoid a Lipoma Removal

In principle, no person, unless directed by their doctor, should avoid Lipoma removal in Miami.

What is the price of lipoma removal in Miami?

There is no set price for lipoma removal in Miami. Our recommendation is that you contact our center and request a quote based on your needs. How long does a lipoma removal take? Miami lipoma removal is brief. It can last around 30 minutes. However, in some cases, if complications arise, it can take up to an hour.

Removal of lipomas: risks and precautions

The removal of lipomas does not carry any risk, regardless of the age, race or gender of the patient. But do not do it if it could have consequences, so as soon as you discover one, you must go to an appointment.

Lipoma removal: techniques

There is not a wide variety of techniques around lipoma removal in Miami. There is only one in which local or general anesthesia can be used, followed by a cut and removal of the lipoma. Finally the wound is closed with stitches that are later removed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lipoma Removal Miami

Frequently asked questions from our patients:

Yes, unless your doctor or specialist recommends otherwise, if you notice a lump of fat, it is best to remove it.

Postoperative is easy. You will only need to take pain medication for a few days and then come in for an appointment to have the stitches removed.

A lipoma is a small lump that forms under the skin, on top of the muscle. It is made up of fat cells that can be moved by touch. They usually appear on the neck, shoulders, head, or legs. There is no single reason for them, although some people have a genetic predisposition. They are also linked to obesity, alcohol abuse, and liver disease.

In general, there are no risks since they are benign formations, which should be removed anyway. In very few cases, it can be a cancerous liposarcoma, in which case it is dangerous. They are usually more painful and grow rapidly.

Generally, local anesthesia is sufficient to carry out the operation. In very specific cases, regional or total anesthesia may be necessary.

Some people have a genetic predisposition to the formation of lipomas. This is not a problem, since lipoma removal in Miami is possible. Multiple small incisions must be made in order to remove each of the lipomas on the patient’s skin.

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