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Arm Lift Miami

Are you interested in having firmer, thinner arms? At Plastic Surgery Boutique, we can offer you the most innovative techniques to sculpt your arms through arm lift surgery, also called Brachioplasty. Arm lift interventions are safe and suitable for most patients. If you are interested in this procedure, do not hesitate to reach out to us and find out more.

What is an arm lift in Miami?

If you want to redefine the shape of your arms or reduce the amount of fat or skin on your arms, an arm lift in Miami may be the solution for you. Many of our patients come to us after losing significant amounts of weight, resulting in excess skin on their arms or near their underarms. This excess fat or skin can be very uncomfortable and aesthetically unpleasant for the patient. An arm lift or Brachioplasty is a procedure in which excess fat and skin are removed, providing your arms a more aesthetic and firm appearance. Oftentimes, we can also target stretch marks, cellulite, and other imperfections during the same procedure.

Reasons to do an arm lift in Miami

Arm lifts are becoming very popular in part due to the growing awareness of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Many more patients are taking control of their bodies and health and visiting their endocrinologists and nutritionists more frequently. You may want to consider an arm lift if:

  • You have lost those extra pounds or have had surgical intervention and want your new healthy lifestyle to be reflected by your aesthetic.
  • You want more firm, smoother skin around your arms. Many of us lose elastin after the age of 40, contributing to why our skin may not look as smooth and firm as it used to.
  • You feel that your arms are too large compared to the rest of your figure.
  • You feel embarrassed by the excess skin or fat on your arms and want to feel more confident in your body.
  • The excess skin or fat around your arms is uncomfortable and causes friction on your arms or armpits.
  • You feel your movements are restricted due to the excess tissue around your arms.

Am I a good candidate for an arm lift Miami?

If any of the abovementioned situations resonate with you, do not hesitate to schedule a consultation for an arm lift in Miami at our Plastic Surgery Boutique center. Many of our patients come to us for arm lift surgery to restore the harmony of their bodies with a natural shape and appearance.

Contact us Today for a Consultation

Contact us Today for a Consultation

 Preparation for an arm lift in Miami

The necessary preparations for an arm lift are the same as for any other surgery. Our professionals will analyze your medical, smoking, and surgical history and, after performing a thorough physical exam, provide you with the best treatment recommendations. We will then discuss how much fat and skin we should remove and create a surgical plan. We will review all necessary preparations at your consultation to ensure you are ready for your procedure.

What is an arm lift surgery like?

We have thousands of successful cases maximizing the likelihood of success of your Arm Lift in Miami. Our first step will be to assess the amount of excess fat and skin on your arms. Once we have this information, we can determine the required technique and extent of arm lift. To guide the surgical plan, we consult the “Classification of Upper Arm Contouring.” This classification system considers the following: the amount of excess skin, the amount of excess fat and its location, whether this is the proximal arm, the entire arm, and whether it extends to the chest. Depending on the stage, a patient may require liposuction only, skin resection only, or a combination of these surgical procedures.
A stage I classification includes a patient with relative fat excess in the upper arm, with good skin tone and minimal laxity. This can usually be treated with liposuction alone.
A stage II classification includes a patient with minimal fat excess but moderate skin excess. The skin resection pattern will depend on the location of the excess skin on the arm. This surgery will likely result in a scar of considerable size.
Finally, a stage III classification includes a patient with significant excess fat and skin on the arms. In this situation, the patient has several options. They may decide to lose more weight prior to surgical intervention. The patient may have liposuction performed first, followed by a subsequent excisional arm lift surgery. Another option is having a liposuction performed at the same time as the excisional arm lift surgery.

What to Expect During Arm Lift Recovery

Depending on the surgical technique required, your arm lift recovery will take 2 to 6 weeks. If liposuction alone is performed, the recovery tends to be faster. Drains may be indicated depending on the type of surgery required. Drains are generally removed after the first or second week post-surgery. Our specialists recommend you avoid raising your arms above your shoulders, performing strenuous exercise, or stretching during the first week of recovery. You should be cleared to resume your normal physical activities between weeks 2 and 3, but make sure to listen to your body. Pain or discomfort when exercising is a sign that your body is not quite healed and that it would be better to wait a few more days before trying again. We also recommend wearing an arm compression sleeve during the first six weeks of recovery to reduce swelling and support the healing process. We recommend you get up and walk around afte surgery to ensure adequate blood flow throughout your body. Experiencing swelling, tenderness, and bruising in the surgical area during the first week is normal and expected.

Who should avoid an arm lift?

Most of our patients are great candidates for an arm lift. If you are currently significantly overweight, we recommend losing some weight and achieving a stable weight before considering the arm lift surgery. Some contraindications to the surgery include rare neurologic or vascular disorders of the upper extremity and lymphedema of the arms secondary to previous axillary lymph node dissection. The scars you will have after an arm lift are usually visible in everyday clothing. The arm lift scars are more noticeable than other aesthetic surgery scars. If this idea is uncomfortable to you, you may want to reconsider having an arm lift.

What is the price of the Miami arm lift?

The cost of a Miami arm lift depends on the complexity of the clinical case and the time needed to carry out the surgery. The final cost of the surgery will therefore be determined on an individual basis. By scheduling an appointment with our professionals or visiting our office, we can provide you with an estimated cost and inform you of which payment methods we accept.

Arm lift: risks and precautions

The risks associated with arm lift surgery are the same as for any other surgery. For example, allergic reactions to anesthesia, bleeding, infection, and bruising are typical risks of any surgery. Other possible complications more specific to arm lifts include risk of bleeding, poor healing, excessive scaring, seroma and post-operative numbness. If you are interested in an arm lift, please get in touch with us to schedule a consultation with our professionals. The only precaution that the patient should take is to be relaxed and follow the instructions in the postoperative period.

Arm lift: techniques

The objective of an arm lift is to give the arms a more aesthetically pleasing shape by removing excess fat and skin. There are two arm lifting techniques: liposuction and resection. As mentioned above, the technique used will depend on your classification. This procedure may also target stretch marks, cellulite, and other skin imperfections. Our specialists can perform your arm lift alone or in combination with a tummy tuck or a lipectomy of the pubis and/or the thighs.

Arm lift: How long is the procedure?

There are different types of arm lift surgeries. The procedure is generally performed under general anesthesia and takes between one to three hours to complete. You will wake up comfortable, well rested, and might feel mild discomfort. Before entering the surgery room, preparation may take about 45 minutes and recovering from general anesthesia usually takes 1 to 2 hours. You should plan to take a day off from work for your surgery.


Frequently asked questions about arm lift in Miami

In the some cases, a visible scar may remain on the inside of the arms and near the armpit. The length of the scar depends on the amount of fat and skin removed. 

A significant difference will be noticeable immediately after your surgery. The final result of your arm lift will be seen a few months after your surgery, once the inflammation and swelling is has completely receded.

The risks associated with arm lift surgery are the same as for any other surgery. Some possible complications more specific to arm lifts include risk of bleeding, poor healing, excessive scaring, seroma and post-operative numbness. Serious complications are very rare.

A good candidate for this procedure is an individual who is in good overall health, who does not smoke and who is not currently being treated for underlying complex health conditions. If you are currently significantly overweight, we recommend losing some weight before the arm lift surgery. The ideal candidate has achieved a stable weight, either through diet or gastric bypass. 

The results of your arm lift Miami will be long lasting, provided that patients do not experience significant weight gain post-surgery.

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