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What is a breast lift in Miami?

The Miami breast lift or mastopexy is a surgical intervention within the branch of plastic surgery. A breast lift will give you perkier breasts that sit higher on your chest. A breast lift aims to modify the shape of the breasts, remodel the breast tissue and remove any excess skin. The nipple and areola will also sit higher on your chest. Although this procedure itself does not change the size of the breasts, it is possible to perform it in conjunction with breast augmentation surgery. At your consultation, our professionals will thoroughly discuss how a breast lift will change the shape and overall appearance of your breasts.

Reasons to do a breast lift in Miami

The reasons for performing a breast lift in Miami can be multiple, but fundamentally it is a surgery for aesthetic purposes. For various reasons, the shape of the breasts can tend to fall and this can be corrected through surgery. The main reasons that cause this deformation are:

  • Over time. With aging, women can undergo breast transformation. Gravity causes the ligaments in the chest to stretch and become flaccid.
  • The pregnancies. During pregnancy, the breasts become heavier and this can cause stretching of the breasts. The same thing happens later, during breastfeeding, which contributes to sagging.
  • Weight changes. The gain and loss of body weight can cause the breast skin to stretch and reduce elasticity.

Preparation for breast lift Miami

Before undergoing Miami breast lift surgery, our professionals will review your medical history to ensure that you are a suitable candidate. All the necessary studies will be carried out to suggest the best available options. It is important that you report any relevant history, such as the presence of breast cancer in a family member.

You will also be required to stop smoking before the intervention. Some medications and foods are contraindicated, so you should avoid them in the days before. It is advisable to stay hydrated and maintain a healthy diet, without sudden changes in weight. Finally, you will be asked to have the necessary help and accompaniment to come to and leave the clinic.

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What is breast lift surgery like?

The breast lift procedure in Miami is one of the most chosen by women today. Depending on the patient, it can be done under local anesthesia or with total sedation. It usually takes between two and three hours approximately, and does not require further hospitalization. That is, you will be able to return home the same day.

What to Expect During Breast Lift Recovery

After the operation, the area will be covered with bandages and you will need to wear a compression bra. During the first few weeks, you may experience some swelling and some bruising, which is perfectly normal. Some soreness and redness at the incisions, as well as numbness of the nipples, are also postoperative symptoms.

In the face of pain, you may be told to take pain relievers. It is also important to minimize physical activity and take the necessary precautions regarding the mobility of the arms. Lifting heavy objects or even washing your hair can be counterproductive for the first few days. Also avoid having sex for the first few weeks. Our professionals will tell you when you can return to your normal activities after your breast lift in Miami. You will also be informed, if necessary, when the stitches will be removed. Remember to protect the scars from sun exposure at all times to avoid marks and burns.

Am I a good candidate for breast lift in Miami?

The decision to have breast lift surgery in Miami is a personal one, based primarily on aesthetic considerations. You may consider this surgery in the following cases:

  • Sagging of the breasts: the stretching or flattening, added to the loss of shape and volume of the breasts, can be a reason to perform the operation.
  • If you notice that your breasts droop below the fold when you don’t wear a bra.
  • Standing up, notice that the nipples and areolas point downwards.
  • Product of the stretching of the breasts, the areolas have changed shape and have enlarged
  • Find a disproportion between both breasts, causing one of them to hang more than the other

In any of these cases, a breast lift surgery in Miami may be the perfect solution. By contacting our professionals, you will be able to obtain all the information you need in this regard. It will also be useful for you to know in which cases this surgery is not recommended.

Who should avoid a breast lift?

Although this aesthetic procedure is widely used and is widely accepted among women, it is not the most recommended in all cases. In case you are thinking of becoming pregnant in the future, it may be wise to postpone your breast lift operation in Miami. As we already mentioned, pregnancy is one of the main causes of breast stretching and loss of shape. Therefore, the results of the surgery could be impaired.

During breastfeeding, some difficulties may be experienced in producing the required amount of milk. In any case, it is perfectly compatible to breastfeed after a surgery of this type, but some women find certain discomforts. Finally, the size of the breasts is also a factor to consider. Bigger breasts are also heavier. For this reason, the results in these cases may deteriorate over time, and the breasts become flaccid again. The results are much more durable and stable in women with small breasts. If you are wondering how much does breast lift cost in Miami FL? Then we offer you a professional answer.

What is the price of breast lift in Miami?

The breast lift process in Miami can be performed using different techniques. During it, different aspects of the breasts will be corrected, so the cost of breast lift Miami will depend on each particular case. In our clinic, professionals with great experience and quality will be able to evaluate your case and offer the best alternatives.

How long does a breast lift last?

The results of this intervention will be noticeable from the first moment. However, due to the natural healing process, the shape of the breasts will continue to change for several weeks. As your breasts become firmer and rounder, you may experience a reduction in your bra size.

It should be noted that the result of the breast lift in Miami is not always permanent for multiple reasons. Aging causes the skin to become less elastic and therefore looser. Given the weight of the breasts, especially if they are large, it can happen that they fall again over time. Maintaining a stable and healthy weight is one way to optimize the duration of the effects of surgery.

Breast lift: risks and precautions

As in any surgery, there are certain risks that range from allergy to anesthesia to a possible infection in the area. In any case, the breast lift in Miami is a very safe procedure, which does not have too many additional risks. It is important to know all the precautions and possible adverse effects.

First of all, due to the healing process it is possible to experience some asymmetry between both breasts. Perhaps the surgery has failed to correct the previous asymmetry, or it may have occurred again after surgery. Rarely, the nipples and areolas can suffer a loss of blood supply, causing a partial or total loss of them. Finally, we must consider the possible difficulties when breastfeeding. Although it is perfectly possible to do so after breast lift surgery in Miami, some women experience a partial lack of milk.

Breast lift: techniques

There are several techniques that are used during the breast lift procedure. The trained professional will be able to execute incisions in different ways, as he deems most appropriate. The most common are around the areola, from the areola to the crease of the breast, or horizontally along the crease.

In turn, new incisions may be necessary inside the breast to shape the breast and, if necessary, reduce the size of the areola. The excess skin of the breast will be removed and the nipple will be relocated higher, centrally. To finish the breast lift in Miami, the surgeon will gather the skin and proceed with the suturing or placing of surgical tapes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Lift Miami

In most cases, a loss of nipple sensation is not experienced, although in some women this can happen. On the surface, the nipple will be more defined and centered, which will be more aesthetically pleasing, and the scars tend to diminish nicely over time.

In general, the first two weeks will be the most careful. Then the permitted activities will be progressively increased. The final shape of the breast can be seen definitively after four months, while the scars will be mature approximately.

12 months after the breast lift operation in Miami.

The most advisable thing is that yes, since this allows a longer duration of the positive effects. Gravity and the weight of the breasts cause, over time, the skin to stretch again and sagging returns.

Yes, they are synonyms that refer to the same procedure. It is a cosmetic surgery that seeks to recover the elasticity and firmness of the breasts. Generally, due to weight loss, breastfeeding or simply age, the appearance of the breast can be deteriorated

The scar will depend on the type of incision chosen to perform the work. It can be shaped like an anchor, circular, crescent, etc. This decision will be made by the surgeon in charge of the operation, in agreement with the patient.

After a successful and well-performed surgery, it is possible to breastfeed again in the future. However, there is always a margin of risk in every trade. Therefore, it is important to discuss all the alternatives with the surgeons to make the best decision to continue with the treatment.

The results of a breast lift in Miami can be seen instantly after the operation. The swelling of the surgery can be an impediment to notice the final result, but it will disappear within a few days.

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