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What is an areola reduction in Miami?

In the search for an aesthetic body, the breasts can be a very important point. Not only the size and position matters, but also the nipple. Therefore, an areola reduction surgery in Miami is part of the set of surgeries that we can offer. It is a surgical intervention that consists of reducing the size of the areola to give it a more aesthetic appearance and in proportion to the size of the breasts.

Reasons to do an areola reduction in Miami

The main reason for having a Miami areola reduction is aesthetic, to improve the appearance of the breasts and the figure in general. There are many reasons why the size of the areola may be excessive. For example, tuberous breasts are often accompanied by stretching of the nipple and areola. This type of formation, where the breasts adopt a tubular shape, begins to develop at puberty. A complete correction of this inconvenience must also include a general rearrangement of the breasts. We recommend consulting our professionals for advice on the best solution.

Miami Areola Reduction Preparation

Miami areola reduction surgery is not usually too complex, but it does require great precision on the part of the surgeon. The fundamental thing before carrying out this intervention is to consult with one of our professionals so that they can offer you an adequate diagnosis. Another simultaneous intervention may be necessary to achieve the desired result.

Then, the preparations for surgery are those of any minor intervention. You must stop smoking, hydrate and eat properly in the days before, according to medical indications. Depending on the case, the surgery can be performed in an hour and under local anesthesia, although this cannot be guaranteed in advance.

What is areola reduction surgery like?

Like all surgery, Miami areola reduction is an invasive procedure. However, it is not one of the most complex processes that can be carried out, and it usually lasts only one hour. This will depend on whether it is performed simultaneously with other procedures or not. In most cases local anesthesia is used and does not require hospitalization. Patients can recover from surgery at home, following all the doctors’ recommendations.

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What to Expect During Areola Reduction Recovery

Recovery after a Miami areola reduction procedure is usually quite fast. Of course, as in any surgery, it is necessary not to make physical efforts in the hours that follow. The definitive results will begin to be visible after three weeks, always depending on the patient’s healing capacity. As it does not require hospitalization, after the surgery you will be able to go home to recover.

Am I a good candidate for areola reduction Miami?

This procedure can be performed on both women and men who wish to reduce the size of the areolas. Such is the case of men with gynecomastia or a large size of the mammary glands. In either case, the Miami areola reduction patient must be dissatisfied with the size and ratio of the areolas to the breasts.

In many cases, this surgery is indicated in conjunction with other interventions. For example, in cases of breast reduction, it may be recommended to also perform a reduction of the areolas to achieve a good proportion and appearance. In those cases, both surgeries can be performed at the same time, being a more convenient process to avoid duplication of time.

Who should avoid an areola reduction?

In general, anyone who is dissatisfied with their body can have an areola reduction in Miami. What is not recommended is to perform it during pregnancy or lactation period. In any case, remember to consult with our specialists to obtain all the recommendations for your particular case.

What is the price of areola reduction in Miami?

As each body is different, not all require the same series of interventions. In general, Miami areola reduction is accompanied by other simultaneous procedures. Therefore, a single price for surgery cannot be established. For information on the prices of the procedures, do not hesitate to contact Plastic Surgery Boutique. Our professionals will provide you with the best care and will inform you of the prices according to the needs and recommendations for your body.

How long does an areola reduction last?

The results of Miami areola reduction are permanent after three weeks. This means that the result will remain stable over time. However, some issues, such as weight gain or pregnancy, can generate a new stretch in the skin. Remember to follow all medical recommendations to obtain the best result for as long as possible.

Areola reduction: risks and precautions

There are no specific risks of this surgery, but like any intervention, precautions must be taken. Allergies to anesthesia or the intake of any medication should be reported to doctors in advance.

Areola reduction: techniques

The technique used for Miami areola reduction is called Round Block. It consists of two concentric circular cuts around the nipple. Then, the area between both circles is excised and sutured in order to camouflage the scar with the new edge of the areola.


Frequently asked questions about areola reduction in Miami

Yes, Miami areola reduction surgery is a highly proven and safe procedure, performed on a large number of patients.

Although it is necessary to suture the area, the process called Round Block allows the scar to be minimal. This is because, in fact, the scar functions as the edge of the areola, giving it a defined and attractive appearance.

The results will be visible immediately after the operation, although it may take some time to heal. You will notice smaller and more symmetrical areolas, with more defined contours, always in accordance with what was previously agreed with the surgeon.

There may be a temporary loss of sensation in the nipples, but this will return to normal within a few months. With manual stimulation of the area, recovery is usually faster.

Yes, when performing areola reduction, the nerves and blood vessels are not affected, and the ability to breastfeed is preserved. However, it is advisable to wait a reasonable time for complete healing, so if you are breastfeeding, you can postpone the operation for a while.

Depending on the physical condition of the patient, it is possible to return to quiet activities in a few days. However, for more demanding exercises, allow at least two weeks to complete recovery. Always check with your doctors to make sure you can get back to your normal routine.

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