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Ganglion cysts are very common, especially in older women. Although they are not excessively uncomfortable, many of them, due to their size, are unsightly. For that reason, we encourage you if you are looking for ganglion cyst surgery in Miami to contact us today. At Plastic Surgery Boutique we want to provide you with close communication and care, the best specialized professionals and access to innovative techniques and tools.

What is a ganglion cyst surgery in Miami?

Ganglion cyst surgery in Miami is simple and fast. It is also known as excision of the ganglion cyst and it only consists of its extraction and the total or partial elimination of its root.

Reasons to do a ganglion cyst surgery in Miami

The ganglion cyst is very common from the age of 40 or 50, especially in women. It is nothing more than an unsightly inconvenience that only occasionally becomes painful. However, after a few years it could become uncomfortable in the simplest tasks, so it should be removed as soon as possible.

Preparation for Ganglion Cyst Surgery in Miami

You should not prepare in any way for the excision of the ganglion cyst. It is only recommended that you do not consume drinks or eat before the operation as local anesthesia will be administered.

How is the ganglion cyst surgery?

It is very simple. First, a cut is made and the cyst is removed, as well as its joint capsule and root. The opening is then closed with sutures and a postoperative bandage is used.

What to Expect During Ganglion Cyst Surgery Recovery

In a maximum period of 72 hours, all discomfort will have disappeared and only a week later you will be able to carry out the same tasks.

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Contact us Today for a Consultation


Am I a good candidate for surgery?

Anyone who has a bothersome or unsightly ganglion cyst is a good candidate for your surgery.

Who should avoid a ganglion cyst surgery?

In principle, except for exceptional recommendations, no person should avoid ganglion cyst surgery.

What is the price of ganglion cyst surgery in Miami?

A ganglion cyst surgery in Miami is surprisingly affordable. We invite you to contact our center to discover how convenient this treatment can be with us.

How long does a ganglion cyst surgery take?

The ganglion cyst operation takes about an hour. Although in most cases if the root is small, it can last only 40 minutes.

Ganglion Cyst Surgery: Risks and Precautions

A ganglion cyst surgery has no risk. There could only be some inconvenience or discomfort if the healing is not correct. Fact that could always be remedied later.

Ganglion cyst surgery: techniques

There is not a wide variety of techniques. The surgery is always the same; After the cut, the cyst is excised, the root is cut, and once removed, the wound is closed with sutures.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ganglion Cyst Surgery in Miami

Here are some of the most common questions from patients:

Yes, for this reason it is advisable to perform the operation at an advanced age or when the ganglion cyst is bothersome.

When you feel discomfort, discomfort or slight pain, it is time to come and ask us for an appointment. Also, if its excessive size makes it unsightly.

Ganglion cysts are very common and can affect anyone. However, they are more common in older women. They can be uncomfortable or unsightly, and in those cases it is possible to opt for the removal of the cyst.

There is no precise explanation for the appearance of ganglion cysts in patients. One possible cause is evagination of the joint lining or tendon sheath. The diagnosis must be made by a professional to ensure that it is indeed a ganglion cyst.

The main symptom of this condition is the visible appearance of the lump or cyst. Apart from this, there are no other symptoms that are frequently present. In some rare cases, there may be pain, numbness, or muscle weakness if the lump puts pressure on the nerve.

Ganglion cyst surgery in Miami is considered to be very safe. This means that there are no risks beyond the normal ones of any surgery. These include the possibility of poor healing, swelling or bruising, which can be fixed later.

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