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Botox Miami

If you are interested in attending a Botox session in Miami, at Plastic Surgery Boutique we recommend that you make an appointment with us as soon as possible so that we can inform you of the best treatments. We are specialists with years of experience in Botox and other types of aesthetic interventions.

If you wish, you can contact us as soon as possible and we will confirm a prior appointment to discuss your case in depth. We will listen to you and attend to your different demands to finally propose a personalized plan that adapts to your requirements and the final result that you so desire. In addition, you can ask about our competitive rates and our innovative and top quality tools. We want to offer you a close and professional treatment.

What is Botox in Miami?

Botox is no secret today. However, few people know what Botox is really about. At Plastic Surgery Boutique we want you to know all its qualities, advantages and the process we follow before you ask for your first appointment.

Botox is also called botulinum toxin, which is a neurotoxin produced by certain bacteria. This neurotoxin has numerous applications as it produces different changes in the organism that is administered.

In surgery and aesthetics it is used because it produces muscle paralysis thanks to chemical denervation. Therefore, it is the best warrior against wrinkles. However, as a curiosity, Botox has applications beyond wrinkles: it eliminates strabismus, migraines, hyperhidrosis and urinary incontinence in paraplegics, among others.

Reasons to use botox in Miami

If your goal is to eliminate wrinkles, make your skin smoother and brighter and, moreover, subtract a few years from your next photo, Botox will be your safest, cheapest and most effective ally.

These are some of the advantages that Botox has and that other aesthetic interventions do not have:

  • In the first place, you will not need surgery, or go through the operating room or have a postoperative period to take 5 or more years off yourself.
  • Thanks to the high demand for Botox, you can find many well-qualified professionals, who will give you confidence and security.
  • Also thanks to its demand, you can find very affordable prices.
  • It is a completely painless technique. You will only feel slight discomfort during the process and the following 24 hours at most.
  • It has no adverse effects as a general rule. Although it can exceptionally cause nausea or a small muscle paralysis in some specific points of the face. However, these side effects never last more than 48 hours.
  • Its effects last up to 5 or 6 months and there are no problems in applying repeatedly.
  • It is suitable for people of all ages and even for those who are not in good health.

These are the different reasons why if you are interested in Botox in Miami, you should not hesitate and come to our clinic.

Contact us Today for a Consultation

Contact us Today for a Consultation


Preparation for Botox Miami injection

You do not need any preparation for a Botox injection in Miami. It is a very agile and simple process. It is not a surgical intervention, so you will not receive anesthesia of any kind and you will be aware of the process at all times. Plus, it’s quick and you’ll hardly feel the injection.

What is Botox surgery like?

Botox surgery is very simple. In fact, it cannot be said that it is a surgery or intervention as such. It is a technique that consists of infiltrating a very fine needle into the muscle of the facial area or any other part of the body that you want to treat. This needle is the one that carries the botulinum toxin or Botox that will relax the treated area and also inhibit movement. For this reason it is mainly used to treat wrinkles or expression lines, as well as areas where the skin is more flaccid.

What to Expect During Botox Recovery

The Botox operation has an instant effect, that is, as soon as the needle is removed, you only have to wait a couple of minutes to see the results. However, in order not to jump to conclusions, it could be said that the effect as such is only visible after 48 hours.

On the other hand, there is no postoperative period since it is not a surgical intervention. But, it is true that exceptionally it can cause discomfort and that these can last up to two days later.

Am I a good candidate for Botox Miami?

If you show signs of aging such as fine lines, less smooth and shiny skin, duller facial areas or visibly less vitality, you are a good candidate for Botox in Miami. The reason is that Botox only has advantages and no drawbacks, therefore it is enough that you want a change in your skin so that you can come to our center and for the team behind Dr. Anne-Sophie Lessard to recommend the best way. of application and the areas in which it would be convenient for your skin to receive get the botox.

Who should avoid botox

In principle, no person should avoid Botox. It is not recommended to apply it in very short periods of time. That is, it is usually recommended to leave at least three months between injections. This is so that the body does not get used to the neurotoxin and stops producing some of its qualities on the face.

What is the price of Botox in Miami?

There is not a single price for a Botox injection in Miami, this is because depending on the areas that need treatment, the results that the patient wants, the depth of the expression lines and a series of other variants, they determine the price.  Therefore, if you are interested in a Botox injection in Miami, it is best to come to our clinic or ask us about our rates in a call. We will gladly assist you and assure you that our prices are completely competitive.

How long does Botox last?

The effects of Botox last longer than you can imagine. Specifically, there are patients who claim to notice its effects for almost 10 months, however, this is not very common, and the effects that can be noticed after that time are small and insignificant. The truth is that the effects of Botox last an average of 5 or 6 months. And during this time, of course, they gradually lose their qualities, which is why many people prefer to have a Botox injection in Miami again after three or four months.

Botox: risks and precautions

Botox does not carry any risks, so if you are interested in a Botox session in Miami, you do not have to take any precautions. You just have to follow all the instructions of the specialist. The only possible risk is to feel slight discomfort and dizziness the following hours. However, this is entirely unusual.

Botox: techniques

The application of Botox does not have different techniques since it is a very simple procedure that is performed equally in all patients. You should not worry because it is a painless, fast and simple technique.

First, the specialist will mark on your skin those areas where the Botox will be inserted and then proceed to insert the neurotoxin with the injection. Only a few minutes later he will begin to perceive the first changes. And of course, you will not have to apply any kind of care and precautions, since Botox does not give patients problems.


Frequently Asked Questions about Botox in Miami

If before calling us or going to a first appointment in our center, you are interested in obtaining more information, we recommend that you read some of the answers to the most frequently asked questions of our clients, so that you have more information as soon as possible. 

Of course, Botox has no serious or irreversible side effects. Therefore, everyone can get Botox without taking any risk.

Age 45 or 50 is a good age for the first Botox injection. However, there are patients who start earlier in some very specific areas and use a small amount.

There are some differences and variations, but there is essentially only one type of Botox and that is the one that contains the neurotoxin that immobilizes the skin.

In general, Botox does not have any side effects. In a totally exceptional way, some people may feel slight dizziness hours later, and some suffer paralysis in some areas of their face up to 24 or 48 hours later.

A Botox session is really short. But a specific time cannot be mentioned since this depends on the number of injections that the patient requires and another series of variations. However, it is very rare that it exceeds half an hour in length.

The number of Botox injections needed varies by patient. In some cases, antibodies develop that make new applications necessary. In general, there is no maximum number of injections a person can receive in their lifetime.

Yes, there are some similar treatments that can be done. Dysport and Xeomin are the most common, which act in a similar way since they have the same active ingredient as botulinum toxin type A. The differences are in the intensity and quantity of this ingredient.

It is not very common, but in some cases it may happen that the eyebrows do not receive the Botox evenly, generating that angry look effect. This can be corrected with a small application on the affected area to even out the effect.

If the problem is not very severe, it is possible to remedy it with a small amount of Botox in Miami. However, it is possible that a more important intervention is required to solve this matter, so it is always advisable to consult with our specialist surgeons.

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