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What is a brow lift in Miami?

Miami brow lift or brow lift surgery is a surgical procedure that seeks to stretch the skin of the forehead to reduce expression lines. As we age, it is common for furrows or pronounced wrinkles to form on the forehead. In some cases this results in an unpleasant appearance of the face and makes it seem as though the face is always tired, sad or angry. To improve the appearance, it is possible to lift the skin of the upper part of the face through small incisions to stretch the tissue. In this way, a rejuvenated facial appearance is obtained.

Reasons to do a Brow Lift in Miami

The main reason for having a Miami brow lift is to improve the aesthetic image. Through this minimally invasive procedure, it is possible to significantly reduce expression wrinkles on the forehead. The frown will appear less furrowed, the eyebrows will settle in a higher position and the amount of skin around them will be reduced. The tension in the skin of the area, which may have been lost due to the passage of time and aging, will be recovered.

Miami Brow Lift Preparation

The first thing that should be done before undergoing a Miami brow lift is a consultation with our professionals. They will indicate any necessary preparation steps and medical tests that may need to be ordered. Our professionals will ask you to stop smoking and drinking alcohol prior to your surgery and inform you of any medications that may be contraindicated. 

Miami brow lift surgery is not a very invasive procedure, but it is still necessary to follow the recommendations of the doctors.

What is it like to have a Brow Lift surgery?

As it is a minimally invasive procedure, the Miami brow lift is performed on an outpatient basis. This means that no prior or subsequent hospitalization is necessary. The surgery takes about two hours, depending on the extent of the work, and can be performed under local or general anesthesia.

What to Expect During Brow Lift Recovery

After the Miami brow lift, the patient can typically return home on the same day. The amount of swelling will depend on the technique used, but it is usually not too severe. Our professionals advise walking soon after operation, to promote healing and minimize the possibility of blood clots.

If surgical staples have been used, these will be replaced by stitches after a week. The Miami brow lift patient can return to normal activities after 4 to 5 days, while strenuous efforts may take up to six weeks. All these recommendations will be provided to you by our physicians at Plastic Surgery Boutique, to ensure your healing process goes smoothly.

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Am I a good candidate for the Miami Brow Lift?

Miami brow lift surgery is minimally invasive and complications are very rare. The ideal candidate is in overall good health and has realistic expectations. In order to reduce risks associated to the surgery, our professionals will ask you to quit smoking prior to the surgery. If you are unhappy with the way your face looks and feel that you have too many wrinkles on your forehead, a brow lift in Miami may be the solution for you. Our professionals will guide you through this process and discuss the best treatment option for you.

How much does a  Brow Lift in Miami cost?

The cost of a brow lift in Miami depends on the complexity of the clinical case, the technique used and the overall surgery duration. Therefore, we determine the final cost of the surgery on an individual basis. By scheduling an appointment with our professionals or visiting our office, we can provide you with an estimated cost and inform you of which payment methods we accept.

How long does a Brow Lift last?

You will begin to see the results of your Miami brow lift within a week after the intervention, but the swelling disappears completely after 3 weeks. This surgical results typically last between 10 and 20 years.

Eyebrow Lift: risks and precautions

This surgery is not particularly invasive and serious complications are very rare. However, all surgeries are associated with some risk, such allergic reactions to anesthesia, bleeding, delayed wound healing, infection and bruising.

Eyebrow lift: techniques

There are two techniques to perform a Miami brow lift. The most traditional consists of an incision in the hairline, to then lift the skin and stretch it. At the end, staples are placed which are later replaced by invisible stitches. The other option, applicable only in some cases, is done through an endoscope. This results in smaller scars, in about four or five incisions.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Brow Lift in Miami

The operation of Miami eyebrow lifting is one of the most performed and tested, which is why it is considered extremely safe. It is always important to consult professional doctors, such as those at our clinic, to reduce risks.

The vast majority of patients are satisfied with the results, which is why it has become one of the most popular surgeries.

Any man or woman in good general health may be a good candidate for this procedure. If you want to improve the appearance of a face with wrinkles between the eyebrows or sagging eyebrows, it is a possible option. In general, people between 40 and 60 years of age resort to this surgery, but it is possible to perform it at any age.

In general, recovery is usually mild and patients can go home the same day as the operation. The amount of inflammation will depend on the degree of the intervention and the patient’s body, and will decrease over the days.

Brow lift scars vary according to the technique used. There are several ways to perform this procedure, and each has its benefits and drawbacks. The surgeon will be able to advise you at the appointment about the best option for your case.

If performed as a single procedure, a Miami brow lift typically takes no more than an hour. It is also possible to carry out this intervention together with others, and in this case the duration will depend on the complexity of the treatments.

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