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Cubital Tunnel Syndrome in Miami

If you suffer from cubital tunnel syndrome in Miami, do not hesitate to come to our center. At Plastic Surgery Boutique we will be delighted to assist you in a close and professional manner. We will listen to your case, your discomforts and needs and we will propose exactly the intervention you need to regain your quality of life. Call us and we will arrange a first appointment to start as soon as possible.

What is cubital tunnel syndrome in Miami?

Cubital tunnel syndrome is a disorder that occurs in the elbow. There is no single cause for this syndrome, although the most common is that it appears in people who make constant and repeated movements with the arm, so that they are forced to flex the elbow. Of course, it also has a genetic factor, but lifestyle is the main trigger.

Reasons to do a cubital tunnel syndrome treatment in Miami

The symptoms of cubital tunnel syndrome are annoying and painful: numbness and pain in the arm and elbow, tingling and discomfort in the little and ring fingers… It is very unpleasant to live with, therefore, although it only presents mild symptoms, the most convenient thing is to go to a cubital tunnel syndrome intervention in Miami.

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Miami Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Preparation

You do not need to prepare for ulnar nerve surgery. However, since regional anesthesia is always applied, you should not eat or drink in the hours before the procedure.


What is cubital tunnel syndrome surgery like?

The intervention of cubital tunnel syndrome in Miami is not very complex. First, an incision is made in the middle back of the elbow and an endoscope, or camera, is inserted so the surgeon can see exactly. This can then release the nerve that runs through the elbow and is the one causing the discomfort.


What to Expect During Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Recovery

Recovery from ulnar nerve surgery is quick. In three or four weeks your arm, your elbow, your fingers… will be in perfect condition. However, during that time you must keep absolute rest. In case you do not do it, the postoperative period can last up to two months.


Am I a good candidate for Miami Cubital Tunnel Syndrome?

If you have already gone to rehab and tried all kinds of exercises and techniques and still feel pain and discomfort in your elbow and fingers, it is best to make an appointment at our center for ulnar nerve syndrome surgery in Miami.


Who should avoid cubital tunnel syndrome?

Those people who have not done exercises that can help in their recovery, should wait to get results. Otherwise they may undergo an unnecessary operation.


What is the price of cubital tunnel syndrome in Miami?

The price of the cubital tunnel syndrome intervention in Miami is one of the most expensive there may be. However, it is best to consult our rates so that we can guide you.


How long does cubital tunnel syndrome last?

The operation can last between one hour and two hours, however, it will depend on each specific case. But usually it is not a very long operation.


Cubital tunnel syndrome: risks and precautions

There is no risk as a result of ulnar nerve surgery, however, regional anesthesia could present some complications, although this occurs extremely exceptionally.


Cubital tunnel syndrome: techniques

There is only one technique for cubital tunnel surgery. This consists of inserting a small endoscope to be able to release the nerve more accurately. To do this, a small incision must be made, and regional anesthesia must have been previously applied to the armpit area.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Miami

Questions about cubital tunnel in Miami:

No, not at all, although you must follow the specialist’s rules during the postoperative period.

When the exercises and rehabilitation treatments have not given results and you continue to have painful symptoms.

The most common symptoms of this syndrome are tingling and numbness in the hand, especially in the ring and little fingers, especially when the elbow remains bent. There may also be some clumsiness or difficulty grasping objects with the affected hand, and a stabbing pain in the elbow.

There are several forms of diagnosis, in addition to reviewing the medical history. Nerve conduction tests to check for blockage, an electromyogram, or x-rays may be done. All these tests are part of the diagnosis of a specialist doctor.

The best way to prevent the onset of this and other joint problems is to maintain a good exercise routine. Remember to warm up before exerting yourself with your arms. Also, avoid leaning on your elbows on hard surfaces for a long time.

The first indication for the treatment of cubital tunnel syndrome in Miami is rest of the joint. Splints or elbow braces may also be indicated to protect the area and minimize movement. Lastly, anti-inflammatory medications may be prescribed. In the absence of results, doctors may recommend surgery.

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