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Post weight loss surgery in Miami is very popular. This is so because more and more people, men and women, manage to change their habits and become aware of the importance of a balanced diet. If you have lost a lot of weight in the last few months or years, or have had liposuction, it is normal that you have too much skin or that your body has changed in shape.

What is post weight loss surgery in Miami?

Post weight loss surgery in Miami is an intervention that aims to leave the trunk and other areas as they were before the weight gain. Therefore it is important to agree on all the details with the patient.

Reasons to Do Post Weight Loss Surgery in Miami

Now that he’s finally managed to drop a couple of sizes out of his pants, he finds that his self-esteem hasn’t improved as much as he thought due to the aftermath of rapid weight loss. If that is your case, we invite you to come to our Plastic Surgery Boutique clinic, where we will attend you with closeness and professionalism.

Miami Post Weight Loss Surgery Preparation

You do not need to prepare before the surgical intervention, you just need to go relaxed and confident in our expert team of professionals. And remember, of course, not to consume food or drink before the operation.

What is post-weight loss surgery like?

It is not a very complex surgery. Above all, it is important to correctly remove excess skin and not leave large or very visible scars in color, shape, texture… Likewise, a remodeling of the fat is done so that the area remains natural.

What to Expect During Post Weight Loss Surgery Recovery?

Postoperative weight loss surgery is not painful. You will only feel slight discomfort in the abdomen area. Try not to exercise or make sudden movements and above all, take care of the area where there may be scars so that they disappear as soon as possible.

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Am I a good candidate for post weight loss surgery?

If you have lost weight abruptly in the last few months or years, you are undoubtedly a good candidate for subsequent weight loss surgery. Especially if you are not satisfied with your figure after losing a few pounds.

Who Should Avoid Post Weight Loss Surgery?

Anyone over 85 years of age or in poor health should not undergo any cosmetic surgery. Also, young people should wait, as their skin is more elastic and will probably return to its position.

What is the price of post weight loss surgery in Miami?

The price is very variable depending on the center or your personal situation. For this reason, we recommend that you contact us to provide you with precise information about our rates, schedules, etc.

How long do the effects of post-weight loss surgery last?

Depending on each patient, the effects will last more or less. In most cases, after two weeks you can do any activity you are used to doing, except extreme sports or any activity that requires effort. Also, many patients do not need to be in bed for more than a day or two.

Post Weight Loss Surgery: Risks and Precautions

This surgery is very safe and does not entail any risk. Although as in any operation, you must be cautious and follow the professional’s recommendations before and after the operation. The only risk of this operation is general anesthesia if it is necessary, however, this is extremely rare.

Post Weight Loss Surgery: Techniques

There is no single technique for subsequent weight loss surgery since this intervention is more of a remodeling. In other words, the objective is not to perceive that there has been a change in weight in the patient’s body. For this reason, although the operation generally consists of reducing the levels of skin, depending on the case it will be done in one way or another.

Frequently asked questions about Miami Post Weight Loss Surgery

These are some of the most frequently asked questions about this intervention:

Of course, the results are final. However, the patient can continue to lose weight, so it is advisable not to go until they are at the weight they want.

Absolutely. The patient will only feel slight postoperative discomfort that will disappear after a week.

The scars that can form from an operation of this type depend on each particular case. As it is a surgery that seeks to rebuild the figure prior to weight gain, it may require a greater or lesser intervention depending on the body.

The duration of the operation is usually very variable, depending on the patient’s body. As it is an intervention that seeks to restore the figure, several incisions may be required or affect different parts of the body, which will depend on each particular patient.

Recovery varies from patient to patient, but it generally takes about 2 weeks to return to normal activities. The exception is demanding sports or extremely physical activities, which may require additional rest time to ensure complete recovery of the body.

The recommendation when undergoing post weight loss surgery in Miami is to try to achieve a stable weight. By gaining weight again, the skin can stretch again and, in case of losing weight, return to a situation like the initial one.

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