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Welcome to Plastic Surgery Boutique
Welcome to Plastic Surgery Boutique

If you have melanoma or have an area of ​​your skin that needs to be treated as soon as possible, please contact us. At Plastic Surgery Boutique we perform skin cancer excision in Miami. We do it with the best techniques and under the watchful eye of the most experienced professionals.

Therefore, if you notice any lump, blemish, mole… any abnormality on your skin that you think or know may be skin cancer, go to our center as soon as possible. Well, if the split is carried out soon, we will have avoided many derived problems.

It is best to do the excision soon and have it analyzed if it is not clear what it is. Then, we will only have to perform a simple reconstruction that will not leave scars.

What is a skin cancer excision in Miami?

A skin cancer excision in Miami is a simple and very important surgery for patients, as it prevents the skin cancer from spreading or worsening. Therefore, it is crucial that after noticing any change in a spot or mole, you go to our clinic.

Reasons to do a skin cancer excision in Miami

There are a wide variety of reasons for excision of skin cancer, and it is a simple surgery that will only take a few minutes and in return, can ensure your health for years.

Of course, if an excision is to be performed, it will be decided by the specialist or surgeon. You should only come to our center if:

  • It has a mole that changes color, shape, size.
  • He has many moles in one area of his body.
  • You are experiencing an increase in moles on your body.
  • A mole dramatically increases in size and texture.
  • A mole or spot causes pain, itching, discomfort.
  • It has spots that change in appearance.
  • Other similar.

These are some of the reasons. Therefore, when in doubt, it is better to make a call.

Miami Skin Cancer Excision Preparation

You do not need any preparation for skin cancer excision as it is a simple surgery. Just don’t eat or drink anything in the hours before the operation.

What is skin cancer excision surgery like?

Skin cancer excision and reconstruction surgery is simple and will cure thin melanomas. First, a local anesthetic is injected, after which the tumor is removed along with the skin around the edges. Subsequently, the wound is sutured and leaves a scar that disappears with proper care. But other times, the skin excision is larger and cannot be simply sewn up, so a skin graft from the patient’s own skin is included.

What to Expect During Skin Cancer Excision Recovery

You may feel mild discomfort and itching after surgery. To avoid this, you can take some painkillers and rest. However, it is a mild pain and disappears within a week.

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Contact us Today for a Consultation


Am I a good candidate for Miami skin cancer excision?

Of course, if you notice a lump in a mole or blemish or a change in shape or color, you should have a skin biopsy, and in the case of skin cancer, the tissue should be removed as soon as possible. This is done by excision and subsequent reconstruction of the skin.

Who Should Avoid Skin Cancer Excision?

No one should avoid skin cancer excision. The reason is that it is a very simple surgery and it will help prevent skin cancer, because if the tissue is removed correctly it is unlikely to appear again.

What is the price of skin cancer excision in Miami?

There is no set price for skin cancer excision in Miami. If you have a spot or mole that changes shape, color… and thanks to a biopsy you know it is skin cancer, call us and check our rates as soon as possible. We will perform the excision of skin cancer in Miami and also, if necessary, we will do a reconstruction.

How long does a skin cancer excision take?

The duration of a skin cancer excision in Miami will vary from one patient to another, since melanomas or small tumors, spots, etc., are very different from each other. The usual thing is that it never exceeds the hour of surgery.

Excision of skin cancer: risks and precautions

Excision of skin cancer in Miami does not carry any risk. It is a simple and quick operation in which only local anesthesia will be applied. The only risk you run is not doing it if necessary, as the skin cancer could spread.

Excision of skin cancer: techniques

There are not many techniques for skin cancer excision in Miami. The process is always similar. First, local anesthesia is applied, then the spot, mole… and also some skin around the edges are removed. After this, the wound is closed using stitches or, with the help of a graft, the open area is covered and then the stitches.

Frequently Asked Questions About Skin Cancer Excision Miami

Frequently asked questions from our patients:

Only if the area that needs to be removed is large enough that it cannot be closed.

The short answer is sooner. You could save yourself a lot of inconvenience.

The main cause of this condition is prolonged and unprotected exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light, both naturally and in tanning beds. In addition, the risk increases with the presence of many moles, light skin and hair, or genetic issues.

There are at least 3 common types of skin cancer. Basal cell carcinoma appears as a pinkish spot with a translucent crust or bump, or as a sore that drains and bleeds. Squamous cell carcinoma presents with actinic keratoses, or dry, scaly lesions. Lastly, melanoma can arise from a mole or a new colored spot.

Although it is the least frequent, melanoma is the most dangerous type of cancer since it can spread rapidly throughout the body, making it difficult to eliminate.

One of the characteristics of Miami skin cancer excision surgery is its variability. Depending on the patient and each case, it may be that the solution is definitive or that it requires a more specific follow-up. Our medical specialists can provide you with the answers and attention that your case deserves.

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