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Nail Reconstruction Miami


If you are interested in nail reconstruction in Miami, you are in the right place. We offer experienced professionals specialized in hand surgery, a close and communicative environment and, of course, the best aesthetic innovations.


What is nail reconstruction in Miami?

A nail reconstruction in Miami consists of placing a new nail, usually gel, on the nail that is incomplete, in poor health, or does not exist and a space has been left in its place.


Reasons to do a nail reconstruction in Miami

If your nails have lost strength, shine and weaken or fall off frequently, then you should attend nail reconstruction in Miami. Also, if you have suffered a blow to any of your nails, these do not grow normally or have calcium deficiency, it is recommended that you go.


Miami Nail Reconstruction Preparation

No kind of preparation is necessary for a nail reconstruction intervention. It is a very simple task, for which it will not be necessary to apply general or regional anesthesia.


What is nail reconstruction surgery like?

Nail reconstruction surgery is very simple, although it is true that there are many variants. The most common consists of placing a gel nail on the space where we do not have a nail or the nail is in a poor state.


What to Expect During Recovery from Nail Reconstruction

The recovery from a nail reconstruction does not last more than a day. In less than 48 hours, any discomfort or discomfort will have disappeared. However, for a week be careful in your movements.


Contact us Today for a Consultation

Contact us Today for a Consultation


Am I a good candidate for Miami nail reconstruction?

If your nails have lost strength, have a different pigmentation or are broken, you are a good candidate for nail reconstruction in Miami.


Who should avoid a nail reconstruction

In principle, no one should avoid a nail reconstruction if they need it. Also, the price is very affordable.


What is the price of nail reconstruction in Miami?

The price of nail reconstruction in Miami is very variable. To offer you a detailed budget focused on your needs, we invite you to contact us.


How long does a nail reconstruction take?

A nail reconstruction is a quick and simple intervention, it never exceeds an hour.


Nail reconstruction: risks and precautions

Nail reconstruction does not entail any risk or danger and the patient should not take any precautions.


Nail reconstruction: techniques

Mostly the technique consists of numbing the area and then placing a gel nail in tune with the rest while facilitating the emergence of the new nail.

Frequently asked questions about nail reconstruction in Miami

Questions about nail reconstruction in Miami:

Not at all, it is a painless process.

Go to an appointment and while you wear your gel nail, the natural one can grow more protected.

There are many reasons why nail reconstruction may be required. It may be simply because the natural ones have lost strength or shine due to the passage of time or a poor diet. It can also happen that some have been damaged or completely lost after an accident or blow.

The use of anesthesia is not necessary, since this technique is not invasive. However, it is common to numb the area where the nail will be placed, in order to smooth the process and make it more comfortable for the patient.

In general, in one day the recovery after treatment is complete, so you will not have to perform any particular task. However, it is recommended to be careful with the movements so as not to damage the new nail during the first week.

Yes, nail reconstruction in Miami is an extremely safe treatment, which does not carry any significant risk. It is done on the day and does not take more than an hour. It is not invasive at all, so it does not require any prior preparation or much subsequent care.

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