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Welcome to Plastic Surgery Boutique
Welcome to Plastic Surgery Boutique

At Plastic Surgery Boutique we are specialists in removing cysts in Miami. If you are interested, all you have to do is call us and we will inform you of our treatments, interventions and rates. We want to offer you a close and professional treatment and our most innovative technologies so that everything you find is to your liking. In a first appointment we can arrange all the details and offer you a personalized treatment.

What is a cyst removal in Miami?

A cyst is a sac of tissue that contains fluid, air, or other substances. They appear under the skin and can form anywhere on the body. Most are benign and in rare cases there are malignant cysts. However, in both cases removal is advisable.

Reasons to do a cyst removal in Miami

Even if it is a benign cyst, the elimination of cysts in Miami is highly recommended, since only in the laboratory can it be clearly analyzed. Therefore, only the existence of a cyst is a good reason to remove it. In addition, cysts are often accompanied by discomfort, pain, or unsightly lumps. And unless it is very hidden and its removal is complex, it should be removed.

Miami Cyst Removal Preparation

You do not need any preparation for the removal of the cyst. You simply cannot eat or drink the hours before, as anesthesia will be applied.

What is cyst removal surgery like?

Cyst removal surgery in Miami is simple. The first thing is to anesthetize the area where the cyst is located. Local or regional anesthesia is usually practiced. Subsequently, a cut or incision is made and the cyst is removed, which is separated from the tissue to which it is attached. The wound is then sewn up.

What to Expect During Cyst Removal Recovery

Since there may be cysts in different parts of the body, the interventions are of different magnitude, and also the postoperative period. Therefore, we cannot specify a number of recovery days, but most are around three weeks.

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Am I a good candidate for Miami cyst removal?

If you feel a small lump in any area of ​​your body, you should make sure that it is a benign cyst and in that case, remove it as soon as possible so that it can be checked in the laboratory. Therefore, anyone is a good candidate.

Who Should Avoid a Cyst Removal

No person who has a cyst in any area of ​​her body should avoid cyst removal, as it could affect her health.

What is the price of cyst removal in Miami?

Each intervention or surgery that seeks to remove a cyst will be very different depending on the area, the size of the cyst and others. Therefore, it is not possible to speak of an exact price for cyst removal in Miami. We recommend that you call us and ask about our rates.

How long does a cyst removal take?

The removal of cysts rarely exceeds an hour and a half of intervention.

Cyst removal: risks and precautions

In a cyst removal there is no risk to the patient, other than those that may arise from anesthesia. It is a safe and necessary process.

Cyst removal: techniques

Depending on the cyst to be removed in Miami, some techniques or others will be used. However, there is a pattern that they all meet: anesthesia, cut, extraction and stitches.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cyst Removal Miami

Some of the questions from our patients:

Unless the specialist does not believe it is indicated, the cysts must be removed to rigorously analyze their qualities.

Unless the doctors inform you that it is a malignant cyst, neither the pain nor the discomfort should worry you.

A cyst is a closed formation filled with fluid or another substance, which occurs naturally in the body. Among the most common types is the sebaceous cyst, which occurs when a gland becomes blocked and accumulates sebum. An epidermoid cyst occurs when dead skin cells are drawn into the cyst instead of being expelled. And the pilonidal cyst occurs when a hair embeds itself in the skin.

Depending on the type of cyst, it is more common for it to appear in one or another area of ​​the body. Sebaceous cysts usually form on the face, back, or chest. Epidermoids usually do it on the face, neck and trunk. And pilonidals usually develop near the coccyx. Either way, this is highly variable depending on the patient.

Cyst removal is not a very complex surgery. Therefore, local surgery is usually used, which is sufficient for this treatment.

Cyst removal surgery is relatively simple and does not usually represent any risk or complication for our specialists. Therefore, such an operation rarely lasts more than 30 or 60 minutes.

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