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Mole Removal Miami

Mole removal in Miami is a simple and very common intervention. At Plastic Surgery Boutique we offer you a quality and personalized service, specialized professionals with years of experience under the leadership of Dr. Anne Sophie Lessard and, of course, a close treatment. If you are interested, call us so that we can offer you an appointment and discuss the different options for the removal of the mole or moles.

What is mole removal in Miami?

Mole removal is a very simple outpatient process. It does not require general or regional anesthesia, as a rule. In addition, the patient will be aware throughout the process. The most common is that the area on which the removal of the mole will be performed falls asleep. Then a cut is made and after this, the mole is removed. Typically, a scar remains. Sometimes skin grafts can be used to fill the area. However, nowadays it is also common to remove moles with lasers.

Reasons to do a mole removal in Miami

In principle, there is no reason to remove moles unless the dermatologist determines that they are dangerous moles, that is, that now or in the future they could cause complications. Also if you are a person who has suffered or suffers from skin cancer, extreme caution should be exercised. However, if it is safe, a simple aesthetic reason could be enough to remove a mole, since it is a simple process.

Preparation for mole removal Miami

You do not have to undergo any type of preparation for mole removal in Miami. It is a simple outpatient operation, it lasts a short time and you will hardly notice any discomfort or pain. In addition, the postoperative period is short.

What is mole removal surgery like?

Mole removal surgery is very common, so you have nothing to worry about. On the one hand, it can be done by exeresis or by laser. the first is more common. It simply consists of numbing the area of ​​the skin near the mole, piercing the skin a few millimeters and removing the mole and finally putting stitches, which rarely leave a scar. However, in the following days you should avoid the sun’s rays on the area.  Including a band-aid and applying cream a few weeks later are good recommendations.

What to Expect During Mole Removal Recovery

Recovery is very fast, around 5 days you will be able to remove any layer that protected the mole from UV rays and go about your normal life. In addition, you will not present pain or discomfort.

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Am I a good candidate for Miami mole removal?

There are many reasons why mole removal in Miami should be done. However, this should be recommended by your specialist doctor or dermatologist. You can also come to our clinic and we will recommend the best treatment.

As a general rule, these are the factors to remove a mole:

  • Size greater than 6 cm
  • Cause pain, itching or discomfort
  • It is located in an area where there is friction or shaving aesthetic drawback
  • Its color or size changes over time
  • And others.

If you meet any of these requirements or others, it is best to call our clinic and we will make an appointment for you.

Who should avoid a mole removal

In principle, no person should avoid mole removal if it has been recommended by their doctor or specialist.

What is the price of mole removal in Miami?

The price of mole removal in Miami can vary greatly depending on the technique used. For your case, we recommend that you contact our center and receive a personalized quote.

How long does a mole removal take?

As a general rule, the process rarely takes more than an hour, barring unexpected complications. And it is very common for it to last between 30 and 40 minutes.

Mole removal: risks and precautions

There is no risk in mole removal. Do not remove it when it has been recommended if it could be a greater risk over the months. But in extirpation no serious inconvenience ever arises.

Mole extraction: techniques

Regarding the technique there are two main ones. On the one hand, laser removal, and on the other, removal through small cuts that will hardly leave a scar.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mole Removal Miami

These are the questions that our patients ask most frequently:

Not at all, neither during nor after. You may only notice slight discomfort in the postoperative period, but this does not always happen.

When recommended by your dermatologist or GP. Also when you perceive changes in its color, shape, size… or you find it painful.

In general, dermatologists can make a more precise diagnosis of the situation of a mole and decide if it should be removed. In a home diagnosis, it is possible to identify suspicious moles if they have strange shapes or colors, or change over time.

Mole removal surgery is extremely simple and carries no risks. It is performed under local anesthesia in a very short time. In short, the greatest risk is not removing a mole that has been identified as suspicious, because it can lead to a significant skin disease.

Depending on the size of the mole removed, the scar will be approximately the same length. It is a small incision, which consists of one or two stitches, and its visibility decreases over time, as long as the correct healing is carried out.

In general, this does not happen: once removed, the mole does not appear again. However, if it is a cancerous mole, it can come back and spread if it is not treated correctly and as soon as possible.

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