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Scar Revision in Miami

If you are interested in attending a scar revision in Miami, all you have to do is call us and at Plastic Surgery Boutique we will be delighted to assist you. We will put at your disposal the best team of specialists, the most innovative treatments will be at your fingertips, and we will ensure at all times that we have a professional and close treatment to give you confidence. And it is that, checking your scars periodically even when there are no abnormalities, is a good way to take care of your health and your body.

What is a scar revision in Miami?

A scar review may have the simple objective of reviewing, that is, checking that the scar has not undergone changes, such as a bulge. However, if in the scar reviews in Miami our experts determine that the scar has undergone changes, it could undergo some interventions, not all of them surgical. The reason is that it could be a keloid scar, that is, poorly healed.

Reasons to do a scar revision in Miami

Scar tissue forms as the skin heals. For this reason, after a few days, a scar that progresses normally could change, even weeks or months later if our skin continues to “work”. Therefore, if you have noticed changes in your scar, go for a check-up and the specialists will recommend the steps to follow. They can be patches, better protection, the insertion of medicines through injections, or an excision.

Miami Scar Revision Preparation

You do not need any preparation for Miami scar revision. The main reason is that often no surgery is done, so you don’t have to be prepared for anesthesia.

What is scar revision surgery like?

It is a simple review and it only takes a few minutes. If the expert recommends an injection of medication or an excision, this can be done in the same session or in a second one. The important thing is to show you all the possible options you have to eliminate or reduce the appearance of your scar.

What to Expect During Scar Revision Recovery

During your scar revision recovery you only have to care for your scar. That is, apply analgesics in case of discomfort or pain, cover the scar so that it does not receive UV rays, and make sure not to receive blows in that area.

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Am I a good candidate for scar revision in Miami?

Scar revision is always appropriate, even if the scar has not changed for you. The reason is that the only person who is capable of perceiving these small changes or alterations in the scars is a specialist. Therefore, if you have a fairly visible scar and you feel that the healing has followed a different process, it is best to contact us. At Plastic Surgery Boutique we will be delighted to assist you.

Who should avoid scar revision

No one should avoid a scar revision in Miami. The reason is that a simple analysis of the scar and a recommendation are always positive and necessary. This will give you peace of mind and make sure that your scar will not increase in volume or change its color and shape.

What is the price of scar revision in Miami?

There is no set price for scar revision in Miami. The reason is that this review can be longer or shorter, it can be followed by a small action by the specialist such as the injection of a medication, etc. If you are interested in knowing our rates, please contact us.

How long does a scar revision take?

A scar revision in Miami also does not have a set time. Although it will rarely exceed half an hour in length. Only if the specialist decides to take some action, it could take up to an hour.

Scar Revision: Risks and Precautions

In scar revision there is absolutely no risk to the patient. The reason is that only exceptionally is local anesthesia administered. Therefore, the most usual thing is that a simple review is followed by some brief treatment.

Scar revision: techniques

It is not possible to talk about scar revision techniques, because depending on what the surgeon or specialist concludes, she will apply some techniques or others. In the worst case this could be removal using anesthesia and stitches. But the most common is that you do not need any treatment. At most a patch or some kind of ointment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Scar Revision Miami

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about scar revision in Miami that we receive from our patients:

Not always. Experts often try other less aggressive methods to remove a scar. However, they may determine that this is the only formula.

It can never be entirely safe or secure. Therefore, if your scar experiences changes or you think it does, it is best for a specialist to make sure and recommend some type of measure.

Scars are unlikely to change over time. Sometimes they can change size, but this is more due to the stretching of the skin, for example, when we gain weight. Still, if your scar has changed, you should not worry, you just have to go to a scar revision in Miami.

Basically, the scar revision process is a medical consultation to assess the state of healing after an operation. The objective is to control that everything is developing in the best way and to identify the formation of a keloid scar as soon as possible.

The patient is not always to blame for poor healing, as it can be caused by accidents or unforeseen issues. In any case, you should always follow the recommendations of the doctors so that the healing after your surgery is as fast and healthy as possible.

Specialist doctors will tell you in which cases it is convenient to make a review consultation. In many cases, when the stitches are removed, it can already be known that healing is correct and subsequent revisions are not necessary. In any case, if you notice something strange in your scar, make an appointment with our professionals.

Whenever the doctor indicates it, it is advisable to do a scar revision in Miami. The risk that may exist in the face of poor healing is the formation of a keloid scar, which must be operated on again.

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