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Welcome to Plastic Surgery Boutique

At Plastic Surgery Boutique we take care of keloid removal in Miami in any part of the body: arms, thighs, feet, hands, face, sides… that’s why, if you have a scar that you want to make disappear, we recommend that you contact us as soon as possible.  In a first call we can offer you an appointment in which we will study your case carefully to propose the most appropriate keloid intervention possible. That way, you’ll know the entire process and details long before they start.

What is a keloid removal in Miami?

A keloid is a large, raised scar that has started to grow or has changed its appearance in some way after the operation. In other words, a keloid is a scar that has become highly visible and unsightly. Therefore, many people want to eliminate them once and for all. Most of them come from poorly healed operations or points that were not given properly. Although many appear naturally due to an excess of collagen created by the body. The elimination of keloids in Miami is simple and fast and the process is crucial because it is not only due to an aesthetic interest, but also for health, since its abnormal growth can be due to multiple causes, some of them harmful to health.

Reasons to do a keloid removal in Miami

There are two main reasons to do keloid removal in Miami. On the one hand, there is the aesthetic factor that no one doubts because it can be seen with the naked eye. A large, poorly healed scar is unusual and draws attention, especially if it is in highly visible areas. On the other hand, sometimes poorly healed scars grow and change their appearance for other reasons related to the patient’s health.

However, keloids mainly appear for the following reasons:

  • An insect bite
  • Acne
  • Scratches
  • A hit
  • Piercing
  • Burns
  • Excess collagen
  • Others

If you have an unusual looking scar, come in for keloid removal in Miami at our clinic.

Preparation for Keloid Removal Miami

Keloid removal is an extra simple process, therefore, the patient will not need any type of preparation before surgery. It is a quick and painless process.

What is keloid removal surgery like?

The keloid forms when a wound tries to close and produces too much collagen, causing the wound to swell. Fortunately, this unsightly scar can be removed. There are three ways to remove a keloid in Miami. On the one hand, it can be frozen, on the other hand, a drug can be injected, but the most common is removal. In this, the area where the keloid is located is anesthetized and some cuts are made until it is separated and removed. Then only the wound would have to be sewn.

What to Expect During Keloid Removal Recovery

After the removal of keloid scars in Miami you will not have to do anything else except follow the instructions of the specialist. This or this will recommend rest, and above all, take care of your scar with patches and creams.

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Contact us Today for a Consultation


Am I a good candidate for keloid removal in Miami?

If you have an excessively bulging scar and you have already tried medication injections, ointments and a long etcetera, you should go to keloid removal in Miami.

Who Should Avoid Keloid Removal?

Instead, if you haven’t tried other methods yet, you should. Well, if you are a person prone to creating keloids, perhaps in this new surgery you could create it again.

What is the price of keloid removal in Miami?

There is no price for keloid scar removal in Miami. This is because, as you may have observed, each scar has unique characteristics and therefore, the surgery will have differences. Therefore, it is best that you do not hesitate to make a call to our center. We will be happy to listen to you, assist you and offer you our keloid removal rates.

How long does a keloid removal take?

It is a quick process. Keloid removal usually takes no more than 30 minutes. Although depending on the case it could last up to an hour.

Keloid removal: risks and precautions

Keloid removal is a basic and risk-free surgery. You should not take any operation before or after the operation, except take care that the sun’s rays are not in contact with your scar.

Keloid extraction: techniques

In the extraction of keloids there is only one technique and it is very common. First, the area where the keloid is located is anesthetized. Next, some cuts are made and it is removed. Finally, the wound is sewn and some time later the patient must go to an appointment to have them removed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Keloid Removal in Miami

These are the most frequently asked questions from our patients.

Probably not, since the appearance of keloids is something exceptional. It doesn’t have to be repeated.

Not at all, the entire keloid area will be anesthetized.

It is not very common, but there is a chance that a scar will begin to change its shape or appearance after an operation. It can also happen that the scar is simply too large or is in a place where it is unsightly.

The keloid removal process is quite common and simple to perform. There are no great indications before this intervention. One point to keep in mind is to avoid contact of the scar with sunlight, to protect the area before the operation.

In the vast majority of cases, the use of local anesthesia is enough to numb the area and be able to make the incision. In any case, the final decision on this and other matters is left to the specialist surgeon who will perform the intervention.

No, the results of Miami keloid removal are permanent, so there is no chance of the problem recurring. However, it is worth noting that the new scar must receive the care and recommendations of our specialists for proper healing.

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