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Welcome to Plastic Surgery Boutique
Welcome to Plastic Surgery Boutique

Plastic Surgery Miami


Do you want to know the best plastic surgery service in Miami? then you are in the right place. Our clinic offers innovative techniques and has world-class professionals who will assist you at all times so that your experience is totally gratifying.

You will have at your disposal a wide variety of offers from which to decide, you will know the step by step of each process and we will help you choose in a first informative session. You will feel cared for, cared for and informed from the time we arrange a call until you leave our clinic.

Dr Anne Sophie Lessard is the one behind this project that unites professionalism and closeness in a single boutique. Her treatment is welcoming and her communication and empathy will help you convey all your doubts and ideas before undergoing any surgical intervention or not.


Are you looking for plastic surgery in Miami?

If you are interested in plastic surgery in Miami FL we want to assist you personally.

We are passionate about our work and we believe that thanks to our experience, our passion and the innovative studies that we have (in addition to the team of scientists and doctors behind it) we will be able to help you have an unbeatable experience.

Whatever service you are interested in, we will make it available to you. We offer exclusive services for the hands, face, trunk area, breasts and even surgery solely for the male figure and physiognomy.

Dr Anne Sophie Lessard is the leader of Plastic Surgery Boutique and is a plastic surgeon specializing in aesthetics and hand surgery, with 10 years of experience and thousands of cases of satisfied clients from all over the world.

Of course, she is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. And she is willing to get up close and personal with each case in a welcoming and professional manner at the Plastic Surgery Boutique.

If what she is looking for is closeness, comfort and experience before undergoing plastic surgery in Miami, visit us and we will be delighted to assist you.


If you live in Miami: plastic surgery in your city

If you live in Miami or frequent the city on a regular basis and are interested in having plastic surgery in Miami for aesthetics or health, we recommend that you come to our center.

At Clínica Plastic Surgery Boutique we will assist you personally to get to know your case closely. First, we will collect all the information that we consider useful and that you can provide us. We will actively listen to you and exchange some impressions.

Subsequently, we will study in depth different ways of proceeding and strategies and communicate them to you. Together with you we will make the best decision and establish it based on a previously agreed budget.

At that time you will be able to know all the phases, details and changes of the surgery. You’ll have access to all the information you need and our success stories long before you start.

We want you to make the best decision for you and to feel cared for and listened to at all times. For this reason, from the first day there will be a very special specialist-patient feedback.


Contact us Today for a Consultation

Contact us Today for a Consultation


Visit our service: Plastic Surgery Miami FL

We are experts in plastic surgery in Miami and therefore we offer you a wide range of services. We are specialized in different surgeries and procedures that will help you achieve the result you want.

Some of our plastic surgery services in Miami FL most demanded by our clients are:

Breasts: Breast surgery is one of the most popular. This is so because they are safe and successful operations. In addition, there are different procedures for the different results that you want to obtain. For example, breast lift, breast augmentation, asymmetry correction, breast prosthesis exchange, etc.

Breasts, thighs, waist and buttocks. The entire trunk area: This area is subject to different changes throughout our lives, especially for those women who have been mothers. Surgery in this area is responsible for returning the lost form over the years, changes in diet, activity, etc.

Intimate surgery: Intimate surgery is gaining popularity thanks to improvements in innovation. Some of the procedures offered by intimate surgery are: nymphoplasty, vaginoplasty and labiaplasty. All of them are safe and produce significant changes.

Face: eyelid surgery, otoplasty, brow lift, chin augmentation, earlobe repair… The face is made up of thousands of tiny muscles and features, a single change could produce excellent results.

Plastic surgery in Miami of hands: Hand surgery is the specialty of Plastic Surgery Boutique, these interventions are intended to improve the quality of life of the patient. Among the most demanded surgeries are: carpal tunnel syndrome,

ganglion cyst or joint osteoarthritis.

Non-surgical procedures: Of course, at our Miami plastic surgery center we offer non-surgical rejuvenation and cosmetic procedures. For example, botox sessions, dorsal hand rejuvenation, kybella and others.

Male Surgery: Male surgery is advancing rapidly. Among other interventions, the most demanded by clients are: gynecomastia, body contouring and blepharoplasty. All of them are carried out taking into account the characteristics and particularities of the male body.


Trusted Plastic Surgeons in Miami

Anne Sophie Lessard is one of the most recognized and successful plastic surgeons in Miami, and she is the creator of Plastique Surgery Boutique. If you come to our center you will have the opportunity to deal with her and receive her advice and treatments from her.

She studied at the prestigious McGill University Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and obtained a postdoctoral fellowship in Surgery of the Hand at the University of Miami.

She later worked as a Plastic Surgeon at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and since then, she has performed all kinds of surgeries, including breast, hand, face and male surgery. In addition, she has been chosen as a Young Leader of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH) because of her tremendous commitment and dedication.

Of course, she is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Frequently asked questions about plastic surgery

If you have questions about plastic surgery in Miami, we offer you answers before coming to our clinic:

It is more likely to suffer a serious traffic accident than to suffer a complication in a surgical operation. If the patient follows the specialist’s instructions, everything will be fine.

There is no pain, but mild postoperative discomfort that occurs especially when we ignore the specialist. For example, when making a movement that we have been recommended to suppress for a week.

In some more complex operations there may be pain, but it is bearable as long as the patient is careful and patient.

No, on rare occasions there are patients who seek results that due to their age, physiognomy or others cannot be achieved adequately.

Of course. Sometimes we are very clear about the change we want to see in ourselves to feel comfortable and this small big step may require the help of a specialist. We are only ourselves and we perceive ourselves as such when the idea we have of ourselves is fully reflected in the mirror.

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