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Can you breastfeed after a breast implant?

Can you breastfeed after a breast implant?

Can you breastfeed after a breast implant?

Breast enlargement operations are the most common within cosmetic surgery. Many women choose to do it to look better, feel more confident, or improve their social life. In many cases, women want to be mothers after undergoing a surgery of this type, and that is when doubts arise. A very frequent one is if you can breastfeed after a breast implant. There are many myths about it, and advances in medicine have changed things in recent years. Therefore, to answer these questions, we have prepared this note on our blog with all the clarifications you need.

How to know if you can breastfeed after a breast implant

In principle, it is important to note that each body is different and so is each surgery. Therefore, if you have any doubts, you should consult a specialist to evaluate your particular case. Dr. Anne-Sophie Lessard is not only a specialist in the field, but she has the sensitivity to address these important issues for women. She writes down her appointment with the doctor to clear up all your doubts and receive the best treatment.

Having said this clarification, it must be said that there is generally no problem breastfeeding after breast augmentation. A few years ago, this was not as safe and there were more complications. But with advances in medicine, it’s almost a given that you can breastfeed after a breast implant. In any case, to be safer against this fact, it is best to perform a submuscular breast augmentation surgery, and not a subglandular one, to interfere as little as possible in the process.

Choosing the type of prosthesis and the type of surgery is an important issue regarding this topic. The placement of the prosthesis under the muscle, which is made with an incision in the lower part of the breast, is the one that has the least influence at the time of breastfeeding. The other method, with incision in the areola and placement of the prosthesis under the mammary gland, should not interfere with breastfeeding either, but some extra precautions are necessary. As long as medical advice is followed, the process is perfectly safe and will not prevent future breastfeeding.

A frequent question is whether the placement of a prosthesis can influence the quality of breast milk. Virtually all studies disprove this question. It has been proven that breast milk provides a significant amount of nutrients, regardless of whether or not the mother has implants. Therefore, in this sense there is no difference caused by breast augmentation surgery.

Other questions about whether you can breastfeed after a breast implant

In addition to knowing if you can breastfeed after a breast implant, many women have questions about how their implanted breasts will look after nursing for several months. The reality is that both pregnancy and breastfeeding change the shape and size of the breasts differently for each woman. Therefore, anticipating a result in terms of aesthetics is quite difficult. It will depend, among other things, on the musculature and the quality of the woman’s skin, the type of bra she uses and the time in which she sustains breastfeeding. So if you plan to get pregnant soon, it’s a good idea to postpone the operation until after breastfeeding.

If you opt for this alternative, you may be wondering how long you should wait. As pregnancy and breastfeeding affect the breasts, it is advisable to leave a reasonable time of between 3 and 6 months before surgery. During this time, the breasts will stabilize after suffering an increase in flaccidity, the appearance of stretch marks and tissue atrophy. Thus, the operation will be able to consider all these factors to achieve a more aesthetically attractive result.

In the opposite case, if you want to perform the surgery before getting pregnant, it is also advisable to wait some time between one fact and the other. In this case, the most common recommendation is to wait a year before becoming pregnant. More than anything, time will allow the swelling from the operation to completely subside and allow your body to assimilate the changes in its shape. Healing time is essential so that there are no marks, and pregnancy can interrupt the normal development of this process.

In conclusion, it is a fact that you can breastfeed after a breast implant, always keeping these recommendations in mind. Take care of them, two doctors is essential to minimize any risk. Following a healthy diet is advice that never hurts. And, above all, wait for reasonable recovery times so that the pregnancy is not problematic or alters the results of the surgery. Remember that, in case of any doubt, you should inform your doctor so that he is aware. Dr. Sophie is a specialist in women’s care and aesthetics, with years of experience and experience dealing with patients. In addition, being a woman, she understands the particular needs that are required and the concerns that arise when looking to become mothers. Do not hesitate to contact the clinic to receive the best advice, an accurate diagnosis of your case and the best treatment.

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