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The Ugly Truth Behind Brazilian Butt Lifts: Why Choosing Safety Over Price is Essential

The Ugly Truth Behind Brazilian Butt Lifts: Why Choosing Safety Over Price is Essential

The Ugly Truth Behind Brazilian Butt Lifts: Why Choosing Safety Over Price is Essential

The Dangers of Brazilian Butt Lifts and the Importance of Safe Procedures

Many people are attracted to Brazilian butt lifts and other cosmetic surgeries because of their promise of a quick and easy transformation. However, the reality is far from this ideal, and patients are putting themselves at risk by opting for these procedures without doing their homework.

Social media marketing has made it easy for office-based surgery centers in South Florida to lure patients in with deceptively painless, safe, and affordable procedures. However, as researchers, patient advocates, and surgeon groups warn, patients are often incentivized to work on as many patients per day as possible, leading to complications and even deaths.

The dangers of these procedures are highlighted by the case of Nikki Ruston, who was hospitalized due to infection, blood loss, and nausea, just a few days after undergoing a Brazilian butt lift. Although she admitted to going for the cheapest option she could find on Instagram, this is not an excuse for the negligence of medical professionals.

One of the main problems with office-based surgery centers is that they are owned by corporations that can offer discount prices by contracting with surgeons. These surgeons may not follow proper safety procedures, which puts patients at risk. Also, having midlevel medical practitioners, such as physician assistants and nurse practitioners, perform key parts of the procedure instead of doctors can contribute to the problem.

Although Florida was the first in the nation to enact rules in 2019 meant to make the procedures safer, data shows that deaths still occur. In fact, more than 61,000 buttock augmentation procedures, both butt lifts and implants, were performed nationwide in 2021, a 37% increase from the previous year.

To prevent more patients from falling victim to unsafe procedures, it is crucial for consumers to be cautious and to research their options before deciding to undergo any cosmetic surgery. Patients should ask whether their doctor holds privileges to perform the same procedure at a hospital or ambulatory surgery center, which have stricter rules than office surgery centers in terms of who can perform butt lifts and how they should be done.

It is important to note that the average price of a buttocks augmentation in 2021 was $4,000, but this only covers the physician’s fee and not other expenses. A “safe” Brazilian butt lift, performed in an accredited facility and with proper aftercare, costs between $12,000 and $18,000. While this may seem like a lot, it is essential to prioritize safety when considering any kind of surgery.

In conclusion, patients should prioritize their safety above all else when considering any kind of cosmetic surgery. By doing their research, asking the right questions, and being aware of the risks involved, patients can make informed decisions about their health and well-being. It is crucial for surgeons and medical professionals to prioritize patient safety above profit and to follow the rules and regulations that are in place to protect patients.

Prioritizing Safety: Why Choosing a Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Like Dr. Sophie in Miami is Essential for Plastic Surgery

When considering any type of plastic surgery, it is essential to prioritize safety over price. One way to ensure the highest level of safety and quality care is to choose a double board-certified plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Sophie in Miami.

Double board certification means that the surgeon has completed additional training and passed rigorous exams to earn certification from both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and another board, such as the American Board of Surgery. This additional training and experience demonstrate a commitment to excellence and a dedication to providing the highest level of care to patients.

While the cost of surgery is an important consideration for many patients, it should never be the only factor when choosing a surgeon. Opting for the cheapest option can put patients at risk of complications and even death, as highlighted in the article. It is essential to research and choose a qualified and experienced surgeon, even if it means paying a higher price.

Dr. Sophie in Miami is an excellent example of a double board-certified plastic surgeon who prioritizes patient safety and provides high-quality care. With her extensive training and experience, she is able to offer patients the best possible outcomes while ensuring their safety and well-being.

FAQs on Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

  • What are the dangers of a Brazilian butt lift?

Brazilian butt lift (BBL) can lead to serious complications such as fat embolism, infection, organ puncture, and blood clots.

  • What is the safest way to do a BBL?

The safest way to perform a BBL is to have it done by a board-certified plastic surgeon in an accredited facility with proper aftercare.

  • How long does a BBL last?

The longevity of a BBL depends on various factors, including the patient’s lifestyle and genetics. On average, a BBL can last for several years.

  • How do you prevent fat embolism after BBL?

To prevent fat embolism after BBL, it is essential to follow post-operative instructions and avoid sitting or lying on the buttocks for a certain period.

  • How common is infection after BBL?

Infection after BBL is rare but can occur if proper aftercare instructions are not followed. Patients should keep the surgical area clean and avoid exposure to bacteria.

  • Can BBL cause blood clots?

BBL can cause blood clots if the fat is injected too deep or if the patient sits or lies down for long periods after the surgery. This can cause fat to enter the bloodstream and cause blood clots.

  • Can your body reject BBL fat?

Your body can reabsorb some of the fat injected during BBL, but it is not considered rejection. However, a skilled plastic surgeon can prevent this by injecting the fat in a way that it has a higher chance of survival.

  • What foods feed the fat after BBL?

There is no specific food that can “feed” the fat after BBL. However, a balanced diet that includes healthy fats can help maintain the results of the surgery.

  • How long after surgery can fat embolism occur?

Fat embolism can occur immediately after the surgery or several days after the procedure. Patients should be aware of the signs of this serious complication and seek medical attention if they experience any symptoms.

  • How long after surgery are you at risk for blood clots?

Patients are at risk of blood clots for several weeks after BBL. It is essential to follow post-operative instructions to prevent blood clots.

  • What not to do after BBL surgery?

Patients should avoid sitting or lying on the buttocks for several weeks after BBL surgery. They should also avoid strenuous activity, wear compression garments, and follow post-operative instructions given by the plastic surgeon.

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