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When can I sleep on my side after Breast Augmentation?

When can I sleep on my side after Breast Augmentation?

When can I sleep on my side after Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation surgeries are very common, to the point that they are the cosmetic surgery most chosen by most women. In search of a more harmonious and attractive figure, patients are inclined to this intervention that enhances the bust and improves the silhouette. Like all invasive surgery, it also entails a recovery time during which precautions must be taken. One of them is posture in general, but especially for sleeping. For this reason, many patients wonder when can I sleep on my side after breast augmentation? To answer this and other questions, be sure to read this post.

Care during the days after breast augmentation surgery is, as in any surgical procedure, essential. Following the recommendations of our professionals, you will be able to recover in a healthy and consistent manner in the shortest possible time, avoiding unnecessary risks. There are many recommendations that we will provide you personally at the time of the intervention. One of the most important of the case is the posture when sleeping. The recovery process after surgery can take several weeks or months to fully complete. For this reason, it is convenient to pay attention to all the medical indications so that it is as simple as possible.

Best positions: When can I sleep on my side after breast augmentation?

The best position to have a quick and complete recovery is the one known as “semi-recumbent”. In this posture you will be placed on your back, but not in a completely horizontal position. Instead, you will need to elevate your upper body with pillows or cushions until you achieve an angle similar to 45 degrees. In addition, you can incorporate a cushion under the knees so that the legs are not completely extended.

This position is preferred as it helps the circulation process without causing problems in the operated area. In contrast, a fully extended face-up position can promote greater swelling and cause a feeling of pressure on the newly operated breasts. This causes great discomfort and it is preferable to avoid it during the first days. Not only because it is difficult to tolerate, but also because it can cause involuntary movements during sleep that complicate healing or cause accidental damage.

The “semi-recumbent” position should be maintained for approximately 7 or 10 days, depending on the evolution of the patient’s body. After this time, the supine (face up) position should become more tolerable. When you are completely comfortable and not causing any major discomfort, you can start sleeping in this position if you prefer. Always, in short, what should be clearly avoided is sleeping on your stomach or on your side, so as not to compromise the position of the implants or damage the sensitive area of ​​the operation. Therefore, when asked when can I sleep on my side after breast augmentation? We must bear in mind that it is one of the least recommended positions.

When can I sleep on my side after breast augmentation? And when upside down?

Bearing in mind these indications, the positions face down and on the side are not at all suggested during the first days after the intervention. It is estimated that it is possible to return to sleeping on your side after 4 or 6 weeks after breast augmentation. From that moment on, the prosthesis is considered to be sufficiently seated and there is no risk of accidentally moving it. In addition, it is recommended to alternate the right side with the left, and not always sleep on the same side, so that the pressure on the area is even.

As for sleeping on your stomach, for those women who have adopted it as their favorite sleeping position, we must say that it is the one that takes the longest to recover. It is estimated that 6 months after surgery this position can be adopted again when sleeping. This is due, on the one hand, to the discomfort that can be experienced in this position. But also, on the other hand, it is one of the practices with the highest risk of generating a displacement or poor healing of the scars. Therefore, it is a circumstance that should be avoided at all costs, especially during the first time.

In addition to the question, when can I sleep on my side after breast augmentation?, it is also worth clarifying that it is recommended to sleep with a soft bra during the first 6 months. This helps prevent displacement of the prostheses and keeps the area immobilized to facilitate healing. In any case, all these recommendations will be provided by Dr. Anne-Sophie Lessard during the consultation or after the intervention. At Plastic Surgery Boutique we take all the time to give our patients the best advice and indications for their best recovery and achieve a fully satisfactory breast augmentation in Miami.

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