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Will I feel better after Breast Implant Removal?

Will I feel better after Breast Implant Removal?

Will I feel better after Breast Implant Removal?

Although breast augmentation surgery is one of the most common aesthetic procedures, many women also decide to remove their implants. Breast implant removal can be for many different reasons, some due to medical advice and others due to personal choice. Until a while ago it was something quite unusual, but nowadays it is done more and more frequently. A very frequent question from patients is whether I will feel better after the removal of breast implants. To address this issue, the main thing is to consider in which cases this intervention is performed.

The most common reasons why a woman chooses to have her implants removed are the following:

  • Complications that could not be resolved satisfactorily.
  • Result aesthetically incompatible with the desire.
  • Changes in the aesthetic perception of the body.
  • Post-psychological rejection.
  • Withdrawal due to the age of the implant.

Each of these reasons can result in a significant improvement in patient sensation. This improvement is due to different factors, depending on each particular case.

When will I feel better after breast implant removal

In the first case in which it is certain that I will feel better after the extraction of breast implants is when some insoluble complication has arisen. If there has been a problem that cannot be solved in a practical way, it is very likely that the patient will want to remove the implants to avoid further problems. These complications can be severe capsular contractures, infections or extrusion of the implant. In many cases, these complications do not prevent the implant from being replaced with a new one as a possible solution. But, ultimately, the decision to remove the implants is up to the patient and it may be her wish to remove them.

Another frequent occasion in which prosthesis removal is chosen is due to a poor aesthetic result. For example, it may be implants that are too large or disproportionate to the rest of the body, or poorly incorporated. The bad result can appear immediately or after a while, in case the implants move. This can be corrected with subsequent surgery, changing the implants for others, but it can also be the patient’s decision to remove them completely. In the third case, for example, perhaps the result was not unsatisfactory, but rather the aesthetic perception changed over time. The aging process itself or simply a change in the way of thinking of the patient, can make the implant that has been placed in the past no longer look so attractive. She can become much more comfortable removing her prosthetics and returning to a natural state of her body.

The following case has to do with the psychological rejection of implants. This can arise shortly after having placed them, since it is a reaction to the change in body image. This rejection can be due to several factors. In some cases, there is a psychological disorder of body rejection, which prevents the patient from feeling comfortable with her body. If the surgery is due to this disorder, the feeling may continue regardless of the results of the operation. In other cases, it is about unrealistic expectations of the operation, which will be impossible to satisfy. And lastly, it often happens that the decision to operate is made to please another person or due to external pressure, and in these cases rejection may arise later when the surgery is performed.

It should be noted that while it is possible that I will feel better after breast implant removal, in most cases the error was the initial operation. The decision of breast augmentation should not be rushed, since many times it corresponds more to an impulse than to a conscious decision. With a professional diagnosis and the expert advice of Dr. Anne-Sophie Lessard, you will not only minimize the chances of complications, but will ensure that you choose what is right for her situation.

Finally, it may also happen that patients decide to remove the prostheses because they are already old. In many cases, this may involve replacing them with new ones. However, on other occasions the patient decides not to incorporate new prostheses. In most cases, this has to do with the aging process and the decision to adopt a more discreet image.

How will I feel better after breast implant removal: post-op and recovery

Like any surgery, the removal of implants requires certain postoperative care to achieve a quick recovery. Among these cares, a prudent rest time should be considered, avoiding exertion and sports for at least one month. After 3 or 4 days it is already possible to return to simple and daily activities, including work. During the first few weeks, you should sleep on your back to avoid pressure in the area. In addition, it is possible to carry out certain treatments to improve the speed of recovery, such as lymphatic massages or ultrasounds. A bra should also be used to make recovery even simpler and faster. Like any surgery, certain hygienic care is necessary to avoid infection. In general, it is a fairly quick recovery and very little pain.

As you can see, there are several cases in which it is true that I will feel better after the removal of breast implants. The reasons may be diverse, but the most important thing is the body’s decision and self-perception, except in those cases in which it is the product of a complication or medical recommendation. In general, when it comes to aesthetic reasons, it can be due to a change of mind due to time elapsed, or a bad initial decision. To avoid this type of problem, Dr. Sophie can give the best recommendations: she is a woman who understands women’s needs and has the experience to find the best advice.

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